Your Horoscope And Theme Song For Oct 19-25 (And It's GOOOOOD)

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It's gonna be a crazy week, make sure you have the details and song you need to get through!

A new week means a new message from the stars. This week, we’re also gonna reveal the song your star sign has on repeat.

Do The Shins just get you, or are you feeling more Katy Perry? Whether you’re destined to be a homebody or party animal this time around, open up your go-to Spotify playlist and get ready to add your sign’s theme song.


OK you party animal, a few more days before you have to put the icing down. Normally mellow and modest, you’ve been wallowing in the spotlight — and who can blame you with all that birthday cake circulating? 

But seriously, use that final sugar rush to focus. You’ve got ideas about your new personal year and if you plant the seeds now, you will see results next year. We know, we know, you’re always seeking balance but this week it’s from one extreme to the other — party hat off, thinking cap on. 

It’s time to warm up your home atmosphere too with blankets and candles. Regular candles, not birthday candles (let it go man, let it go). Next year will be even better because you are about to set on a strong career course ripe with ideas and projects.

Libra's weekly theme song: New Slang —The Shins


You sexy beast, you’ve been a bit introspective of late but that’s probably because you know birthday time is arriving and you will be swatting admirers away like flies on poop. Who are we kidding — you love the attention and you are feeling quite voracious! 

Don’t let lust lead you though. Use some of that appetite to decide what you want for the year ahead, in business and in bed. Use that adventurous side surfacing to take some chances and innovate in all areas of your life (yes in business and... in bed).

You will see your energy rising towards the end of the week — it’s birthday time you stinging crustacean, smile!

Scorpio's weekly theme song: I'm Too Sexy —Right Said Fred


While most people have been in autumn mode, cozy under grandma’s handmade afghans, you’ve been running around, getting things done and in the spotlight. You’re on fire and everyone can see it.

This week, you tone it down just a notch so you can focus on finances and upcoming projects. Always the lucky child of the zodiac, it won’t stop now. People are supportive and full of admiration this week.

Now it’s not always all about you. If you let your schedule or your ego get in the way of relationships earlier in the month, this week can provide great energy for healing that rift. You can fix it!

Sagittarius weekly theme song: Firework —Katy Perry


You’re a good egg Capricorn, one might even say hard boiled — but it’s time to scramble up your routine.

Now, no one is saying forgo responsibility (like you’re even capable of that), but everyone needs a change sometimes. Shake up your regular schedule, take a different route to work, go out to a new restaurant and sit at the bar and talk to some interesting (but not scary) strangers. Swipe right instead of left on tinder! You get the gist.

You’ll be surprised at the attention you garner both personally and professionally just by making a few changes this week.

Capricorn's weekly theme song: Changes —David Bowie


Lover of humanity, this week Karma is at play for you. Finances are shaping up — not that money is falling from the sky, but you are feeling motivated, inspired and making bold moves in your career. The simplest way to state it is: you’ve got game!

But being as unselfish as you are, this week, you’re also thinking about your near and dear and how you can improve their lives. And they’ve got your back. After all, you always have theirs! No wonder you head into the weekend with loads of confidence.

Go get ‘em you water-bearing beast.

Aquarius' weekly theme song: Get By —Talib Kweli


Sweet swimmer of the zodiac, this week is all about one relationship. If it’s romantic, things are about to deepen and get intense. Stay up all night and share stories — in person ideally, though a little texting (ehem sexting), never hurt anyone. Just make sure you have an unlimited data plan.

Nothing on the love front? Then a professional relationship is gearing up and recognition and press is coming your way.

After a month of attending to everyone else’s needs, it’s your week for some spotlight. Swim to the light and dream big.

Pisces' Weekly Theme SongI Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl —Nina Simone


Even a running ram needs to sit still sometimes. This week finds you more introspective than usual. You’re directing your strong focus on another person’s needs this week.

Yes, you have a selfless side Oh Charger of the Zodiac! Not lauded for your diplomacy, you will see that later in the week, you will excel at it. Then again, whatever you put your mind to, you can succeed.

It’s also a space clearing time for you. I don’t just mean organizing your home but also your head and heart. One relationship in particular is pulling your focus and as well as your relationship with yourself and your goals. Charge ahead!

Aries' weekly theme song: One Track Mind —Mayer Hawthorne


Who says you’re predictable? Sure, you’re earthy and grounded but this week, your creative side is coming through and the muses are speaking to you!

Now, practical creature that you are, you will be using some of this energy to improve your daily life and your surroundings. You’re also on a health kick and any fitness or diet habits you begin now should stick for months to come.

Not much of a loner to begin with, you’re online looking and in the mood for love. Hot tub for two anyone? You’re a catch this week and if anyone gets their mitts on you, it might be a long game with extra innings. 

Believe me bull, it’s going to be a great week.

Taurus' weekly theme song: Currency Of Love —Silversun Pickups


Three dinner invitations, tickets to a play, two work happy hours… how do you do it? Well, being the twins you are, I guess you have twice the energy — but this week, you’ll actually be turning down the offers and opting to sit at home.

You’ve got home improvements on the brain. It’s not just about fixing the broken tile — it’s about strengthening relationships at home with yourself and those closest to you. Always full of ideas, this week is no different so get to work on that list and you can definitely iron out any issues between siblings or you and your lover.

Single? Get clear on what you’re looking for. Once you’re butterfly wings are out again, you’ll know where to fly. 

Gemini's weekly theme song: When I'm Small —Phantogram


Hey home body, put your hot pants on! Okay, you can take it easy at the beginning of the week... but you’d better be reenergizing in that shell of yours because you’re about to break out of your usual routine! It’s time to play — you might even be considering a short trip.

If you stay close to home, you’ll find yourself having more random conversations than usual and bantering with cute strangers. We know you’re usually more on the emotional side, but this week you look to your rational side and even find yourself talking others down from the ledge. Nice job and nice legs! 

Cancer's weekly theme song: Bad Girls —M.I.A.


Are you the roaring lion or the timid pussy cat this week? You might start the week off quietly purring at home but as the week progresses, you’re confidence does too.

Yes, you rule the jungle but don’t let it get to your head. If pride wins, you’ll miss the important details in your relationships — and who will stroke your gorgeous mane or ego if you alienate everyone? It’s not your fault you attract so much attention and but watch out for vanity. 

It’s a good week for finances too, just don’t spend it all at the spa. Share the wealth with your adoring fans.

Leo's weekly theme song: Tear In My Heart —Twenty One Pilots


Did you see that? Of course you did. You will be even more observant, curious and alert this week. Your drive to investigate is not only for work but play too. You’re trying new places, staying very busy between both career and social life. Eek, there is some financial stress — but it only forces you to be more resourceful, finding new sources of income.

Is it the fall weather, the burning fireplace or your burning loins? You are on the hunt for a mate.

Tending to be modest, you are enjoying the attention you’re getting this week. Hey, you’re a Virgo, you’ve got to reap the harvest sometimes.

Virgo's weekly theme song: Our Day Will Come —Amy Winehouse