10 Reasons Every Rational Person Should SHUT UP And Get A Prenup

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They're not just for millionaires anymore.

One of the more entertaining parts of the whole Tyga/Kylie Jenner saga is how broke Tyga is. Jenner is currently super rich, and it seems a little convenient that Tyga just happened to fall in love with someone who can fix his financial woes.

Ever since Jenner turned 18, rumors of marriage have been constant. One thing that keeps getting repeated to Jenner is "get a prenup!"

A prenup is an agreement signed before the marriage that details the process should the marriage end in divorce. The main purpose of a prenup is to protect the more financially stable member of the union. Without a prenup, the financial settlement of a divorce can financially devastate one member of the now defunct marriage.

Kylie Jenner should get a prenup, but everyone else who's getting married should also get a prenup.

They get a bad rap, because when people are getting married they don't want to think about the possibility of divorce. Even though they're not romantic, they're still a good idea.

Aside from the obvious, there are a lot of good reasons to get a prenup:

1. Half of all marriages end in divorce.

Everyone wants to believe that they're going to be in the "til death do us part" side of that statistic, but it's better to play the odds.


2. Divorces can cause financial ruin.

Not preparing for the possibility of divorce can ruin your life. If you end up on the wrong side of it, you can end up losing your financial stability and ruin your credit. Without a prenup, you could end up having to pay alimony and inheriting your former spouse's debt.


3. It prevents a long, drawn out legal battle.

Divorce obviously isn't fun. Having a prenup, however, ensures that the process will be as quick as possible. Instead of spending months in a courtroom hashing out problems, a prenup simplifies the whole process. You can move on and start repairing your life much quicker.


4. It simplifies a stressful situation.

Also, prenups can set up the exact terms of the separation. There's less arguing, less figuring out who deserves what, and less frustration. Feelings are usually hurt during a divorce, so without a prenup a vengeful ex can try and take everything. Even if they don't succeed, it's not a fun process.


5. No one gets screwed (unless they deserve it).

There's no pressure when creating a prenup. Everyone is still happy, and as long as everyone is smart, then a solid, fair arrangement can be reached. While prenups can have penalties, all parties are aware of them ahead of time. If you signed a prenup with a penalty for infidelity, and you cheat on your spouse, you kind of deserve to get screwed.


6. It protects victims.

While most divorces come after months of stress and fighting, some people get blindsided. Their spouse springs the end of the relationship on them immediately, without giving them time to prepare. A prenup at least makes sure that the victim already has a plan in place for the separation.


7. It ensures the marriage is really for the sake of marriage.

Look, gold diggers exist. Men and women marry people for their money sometimes. A solid prenup can make the idea of marrying someone, and then divorcing them for half their stuff, less likely. If you know you're not going to get rich from marrying someone, then the only reason left to marry is because you want to.


8. It puts less pressure on people.

Often, when people know they have an out, then they feel less pressure. A prenup acknowledges that the marriage might have an end date, but that neither party will have their life ruined by it. This puts less pressure on the relationship, leading to more honesty among the participants.


9. It's practical.

In this day and age, it just makes sense. Marriage is no longer a fairy tale, and no one expects it to be. It shows your spouse that you're a responsible, forward-thinking person, which is ultimately an attractive quality.


10. It's smart.

If you haven't picked up on this yet, there's no reason not to get a prenup. If the marriage works out and you never get divorced, then the prenup doesn't hurt anything. It can only help. Sounds like an easy decision.

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