9 WILDLY Outrageous Things People Did Right Before They Said "I Do"

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wild times before marriage

Going to Las Vegas is just the tip of the craziest-things-I-ever-did iceberg.

"Wild" events happen before someone gets married; it's an old tradition. Getting crazy before settling down dates back to 5th-century BC, with the ancient Spartans sending off a future groom with a big bang.

Since then, both men and women have taken the months, days, even hours leading up to the big day as a chance to totally let themselves go, do all the things that marriage won't "allow," and basically go balls to the wall.

If you're signing up for "until death do us part," why wouldn't you relish in your fleeting singlehood before you tie the knot?

I didn't do anything crazy before I got married. I was doing crazy stuff up until I met my now-husband, so by the time my "days were numbered" I had done pretty much everything I wanted to do  at least sexually and drug wise.

We asked some YourTango readers to share the wildest thing they did before they finally settling down and getting hitched:

1. I went to Burning Man.

"I did a bunch of drugs, wandered around Burning Man in a hive-mind with 100 other people, kidnapped a puppet squid, and screamed at a shark car."

2. I went to the City of Sin.

"I know it's cliché, but I went to Las Vegas. And what I did there, stays there. I will say that there were drugs and nudity ... but no tiger."

3. I had a threesome.

"I'm going to go with the classic hat trick: three people in less than 24 hours. I kind of cheated because one of them was a solo dude, but then I went and had a three-way with my best friend and her boyfriend. I got off (hah) on a technicality."

4. I had sex ... with a prostitute.

"Yep, I had sex with a prostitute in Montreal. That's what I did. I assumed we'd be married forever (we eventually divorced because she cheated), and just wanted to have sex with a prostitute."

5. I pledged my love to another woman.

"The night before I got married, I stood outside the bedroom window of the woman I'd been crazy about since college and begged her to run away with me. She didn't. The woman I was crazy about is now married to someone else."

6. Nothing. I'm still "wild."

"I feel the word 'married' implies one 'settled down' after getting married ... which, in that case ... "

7. I had sex with a hotel worker.

"I had sex with the bellhop at the hotel where we were having the rehearsal dinner. I don't know if that's 'wild,' but it's definitely regrettable and I never told my now-husband."

8. I skinny-dipped.

"I went skinny dipping in the Atlantic at night after my bridesmaids and I consumed a dozen bottles of champagne. For me that's crazy because I've seen Jaws a million times."

9. I slept with my ex.

“I called up my ex  the best sex of my life  and f*cked him a few weeks before my wedding. I love my now-husband, but there was no way in hell I was going to never have sex with my ex again ... even if we were completely wrong for each other.”