You Can Now Officially Walk Down The Aisle In A 3-D Wedding Dress

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Well, this is ... interesting.

When we think about the designing and the creation of bridal gowns we typically picture people sewing and beading nonstop for months on end just so the bride-to-be can have that "perfect" gown she's always dreamed. But it now looks like the bridal gown industry is in for a mighty, big change thanks to revolutionary 3D printed wedding dresses! 

Oh, yes. 3D printed wedding dresses, people.

In Shanghai, the TCT + Personalize Asia exhibition showcased 3D printed veils that were created with nylon powder.

The company that made them plans to also make dresses, which is a huge departure from the usual lace, silk, and chiffon fabrics found in wedding gowns. The innovative company, Xuberance, already makes ties, hairpins, jewelry, and home accessories through 3D printing. The intricate designs on the wedding gowns are done by selective laser sintering which then fuses nylon powder together and builds up the fabric in layers.

So what does this all cost?

The dress prices come on request, but since the 3D process takes a full week to print one dress out, it'll cost you. Currently the 3D veil is going for more than $2,000.

Yeah ... we think we'll stick to David's Bridal.