Ladies And Gentlemen: Your COMPLETE Guide To Online Dating

online dating

Online dating etiquette is EVERYTHING.

You're still reeling from 50 Shades - or even dwelling on that lonely V-Day - and decided to get back into the dating game. You've downloaded the app, now follow the rules.

Online dating etiquette is everything. If you send that dumb pick up line right away, you may miss out on the hottie you just swiped right on.

Whether you are new to this, or a complete serial dater, listen up! Here are all the DO's and DON'Ts of online dating.


  • Don't meet a date when you are heavily intoxicated. I think this one can go without much explanation. First Impressions are everything. If you are drunk you may do or say something that you normally wouldn't do, like take him home then and there. But if nerves get you, one glass of wine or a shot won't kill you before you meet up.  
  • Don't meet someone at their place for the first time.  It's important to play it safe here, we've seen way too many horror flicks, and we've all heard about the dreaded catfish. Plus, if it turns out you aren't into the guy, it's much easier to ditch him in public.
  • Don't date a guy your best friend has already gone out with. Online dating can get weird because most apps are based on proximity. It's likely you and your best friend will cross swipes with a bunch of the same people. It happens to us all the time. It’s best to not date a guy your friend has already gone out with. Let's be honest, there's probably a reason she decided not to tie him up. Trust your girl. Unless you're into seconds of course.


  • Do speak on the phone before you go out. Talking on the phone gives a sense of security and comfort before you meet them in person. Hearing their voice for the first time can make or break it. You don't want to discover his bizarre high pitch for the first time at the dinner table and it's too late. 
  • Do ask your mutual friends about him. When people ask me about guys from college, my hometown, or any of my mutuals, I'm generally able to steer them in the right direction. As a friend of theirs, I know if they're lying about their age, how old their photos are, and whether that's his Porsche or his daddy's.


  • Ladies and Gents, do use this new app called SparkStarterNot only can you find a match on this app, you can play match maker and match up one of your friends with another one of your Facebook friends. We're sure there's someone in your friend's group you've had your eye on and now you can finally get that introduction. This app brings back the old school style of just setting up friends, but with the modern twist we all love; online dating. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match!


  • Don't message a million times in a row if we aren't responding. We are clearly not interested. You need to calm down bro, you're starting to creep us out. 
  • Don't send us questionable selfies. If you are going to send a selfie, make sure I can show it to my mother when she asks me how the date was. And P.S.A. - That Hollister shirt from 7th grade ain't cutting it. Please, dress like a man.
  • Guys, skip the pickup line. If the first thing we identify you with is a ridiculous pick up line, it's going to be hard to take you seriously. We probably won't answer. Just be normal, or at least try to. Once we know you're not a complete freak you can try out your funny, or not-so-funny one-liners. Do you really think if you say "Are you as expensive as you look in these pictures?" that will really break the ice? Or even better, "I really enjoy your eyes, they remind me of Charlie and the Chocolate factory." What?


  • Do bring us somewhere good! Make some effort to figure out what we share in interests, then let's go have fun! Whether we're both into sampling speakeasies or late night jazz, we'll have a better time if we're in an interesting and convenient place for both of us. Make the date memorable, the "lets grab a drink" date is so stereotypical and boring. Have fun with it!
  • Do write something in that 'bio' space.  Seriously; it will separate your sadsack "heyy" from all the others. If you've lived long enough to have downloaded the app you've got at least one interesting thing to say about yourself. No excuses.  We also would like to add, it's 2015, so let's please pretend chivalry hasn't died. Pull out our chairs, open the doors. Act like a gentleman, or at least try.


This article was originally published at Guest of a Guest. Reprinted with permission from the author.