Will Shacking Up Ruin Your Relationship In The Long Run? [VIDEO]


Honestly, is it just another way of playing house?

Nowadays, it's pretty common for couples who are in love to take their relationship to the next level by moving in together. In fact, it almost seems as if cohabitation has become a major part of the dating world today. But the truth is that there is a lot of research that both supports and rejects the idea of living together without being married, which makes this all the more confusing. While it seems to work for some couples, others are afraid that it is just a version of fake commitment. 

This discrepency in opinion leads us to question the following:

1. Is cohabiting just a sneaky way of testing how commited we really are to our relationships? Are we just playing house?

2. Will it have a negative affect on our love lives in the long run? Can living together actually end up putting a strain on our relationship?

According to YourTango's Founder/CEO Andrea Miller, Relationship Help Doctor Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, Imago Institute's Harville Hendrix and Helen Lakelly Hunt, Family Therapist Joyce Fine, and LPC Jamie Simkins Rogers, the answer isn't as easy as you may think. In fact, after watching the video, it's clear that there are certain factors that have to be taken into consideration.

 So what do you guys think? Have you ever had an experience where living together didn't end so well? Let us know in the comments below!