Could Biking To Work Be The Best Thing For Your Relationship?

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Could Biking To Work Be The Best Thing For Your Love Life?
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In a new study, 66% of people who bike to work felt their relationships drastically improved.

End of summer got down? Or maybe things just aren't going your way at work or on the home front? Well, you know what you need then? A bike! Yes, that's right! A bike! Not only will you be kicking your carbon footprint in the butt and sending it packing, but it's going to do wonders for your emotional, mental, and physical state, too.

A new study showed that people who ride their bike to and from work are just happier, calmer, and more goal-orientated folks than the rest of us. The Cycle to Work Day campaign polled 2500 commuters who take their bike to work to see just how different their mindset is, compared to those who are driving commuters.

For 89 percent of participants, riding home to work, instead of driving, was a good way for them to "switch off" from work gear and get ready to relax at home with friends and family, which, of course, makes for healthier relationships. In fact, 66 percent felt that since taking up cycling to work, their relationships with their S.O. had drastically improved, and not just in the day to day, but in the bedroom, too. All that exercise means energy and stamina! So for 39 percent of people that means a better sex life, and who doesn't want that? I mean, we're constantly searching for ways to improve our sex lives, even those of us who have fantastic ones, so this just might be the perfect fit for some people.

What it really comes down to is the daily exercise you get every time you get on your bike. Healthy people are overall happier; they stress out less, and have better interactions with the people around them. The Cycle to Work Day campaign hopes that along with taking these personal benefits into consideration, commuters will also realize the positive impact it will have on the environment. No matter what side of the climate change debate you're on, you have to admit that one less car on the road is always a good change of pace.

It might seem scary at first, the thought of taking on the commuter traffic at rush hour, both in the morning and evening, but considering the health, both sexual and otherwise, benefits involved, it might be worth risking your life twice a day, don't you think? (Obviously I'm kidding about the life or death thing.)

But seriously, nerves about cycling aside, if you know where you’re going, have your helmet on, and you have a bike that's fit properly for your height and build, then there's really nothing stopping you from joining the thousands of commuters who are saving money everyday on gas, as they get their daily exercise in at the same time. And let's be honest, you always assumed you'd look adorable in an old-school bicycle helmet, so now here’s your chance to try that look out and know for sure that you're the cutest damn commuter on the block.