Time To Log Off: 10 Women Reveal Their Online Dating Dealbreakers

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Hey, it's rough out there, you guys.

Meeting a potential love interest on the internet is obviously a slippery slope — but with so many stories floating around about how a friend's cousin's co-worker met her dream man courtesy of online dating, chances are you've been curious enough to give it a try. These 10 ladies have seen it all, and were more than happy to share the online dating dealbreakers that made them call it quits. 


Not Planning A Date

"No one seems to want to make an actual date anymore. Repeatedly texting me to meet up last minute (and then not responding when I suggest making a plan at least 4 hours in advance) is not enticing." -Alexis, 33

"When he will text you for days (sometimes even weeks) over the dating site or app, but will not even ask for your phone number or ask you out, it's a deal breaker. I'm not looking for a penpal." -Ravid, 32

Too Many Selfies
"The number of selfies, particularly shirtless, at the gym and in a bathroom mirror. I have a hard time taking an adult seriously who has six pictures up and at least three of them are selfies. I just wonder at your maturity level, and how much time you spend worrying about external things versus what really matters." -Tranette, 28
Wanting To Meet Right Away
"I get that the goal is to eventually meet up (and maybe make out), but I need to at least have a conversation with you before I get to that point. I mean let's be real, meeting someone you met online can be a creepy thing, you need to at least convince me you're normal before we go there." -Sharlene, 23
Extreme Body Builder Photos
"It's...just a little too much, you know? I'm all for a guy who likes to lift weights and work out from time to time. However, for me personally, it would be hard to date someone that clearly spends all day every day in the gym. But to each their own." -Amy, 25
Risqué Profile Photos
"I'm all for a unique profile photo — it makes you stand out and shows that you're able to not take yourself too seriously. But it crosses the line when you're not wearing anything but a leaf...and are posing next to two naked women." -Amanda, 25
Unsanitary Suggestions
"Because...really? I just can't." -Katherine, 40
"I'm honestly really never up for listening to a guy talk about the grooming habits of his beard, but I am especially un-interested in hearing a guy, who I've never met, but presumably wants to get close to my face at some point, talk about all the hard work that goes into his facial hair. Dealbreaker." -Katie, 29
Poor Conversation Skills
"If your conversational skills are the same as they were when you were a 12-year-old boy messaging his friends on AIM, it's a dealbreaker." -Jessica, 21
Feeling Your Sexuality ... Through The Computer Screen
"I'm generally the most responsive to guys who actually read my profile and take something interesting from it to put in their message to me. This guy was just insane to talk about my sexuality on the first few messages. And to say something as silly as him FEELING IT? That just left me scratching my head. I'll pass on you feeling my sexuality through the screen, man. Dealbreaker." -Erin, 24