Maybe It's Time To End Your Bad Boy Embargo

Why you should date a bad boy

Bad boys are actually good for you... contrary to what your mother taught you growing up.

OK, OK, bad boys usually spell bad news. But isn't it time to consider that not all bad boys are to be avoided like the plague?

Bestselling novelist Victoria Dahl's latest book Looking For Trouble explores the concept of bad boy versus good girl with a bookworm-meets-biker tale. As sparks fly between the two, it's clear that lines are blurred when it comes to naughty and nice in the bedroom. For Sophie--the seemingly demure small-town librarian--assertive, nomadic Alex is just the catalyst she needs to let down her chignon and embrace her sexual desires.

The thing is, while all women want and deserve to be treated with respect, not everyone is looking for the sweet, emo nice guy. And in fact there are some very good reasons to consider ending your bad-boy embargo and try dating the tough guy for a change.

1. It could be good for your health. Women need to indulge their thrill-seeking side, too. And, in fact, research shows that laughing, having fun and enjoying your life is really good for your mental and physical health. Despite what it may do to your laugh lines, finding a spontaneous, fun-loving partner who helps you let loose could do your mind and body some good.

2. It can open you up. A bad boy is comfortable indulging his senses and wants to turns his fantasies into reality. When you're with him, you should feel comfortable doing so, too. Every relationship expert will tell you that open, honest communication is the backbone of a happy, functioning relationship. Not only do men love hearing what turns their ladies on, being able to be honest in the bedroom can lead to honest dialogue elsewhere.

3. Even bad boys want to settle down… eventually. Being a bad boy isn't a fixed quality but, for some men, a phase. Look at celebs like Robert Downey Jr. who got sober in 2002 after years of addiction and is now expecting a second child with his second wife. And dare I mention George Clooney's upcoming nuptials after years of bachelorhood? While it's not wise to enter a relationship expecting someone to change, people do make compromises for the people they love, and bad boys are no different.

Find out if this bad boy is worth getting into a little trouble for… Don't miss LOOKING FOR TROUBLE by Victoria Dahl available now wherever books are sold!

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