Why Being A Hottie Means You're Keeping The Doctor Away, Too

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Charlize Theron must possess the greatest immune system ever.

That hot guy who lives across the street probably gets sick on rare occasions (lucky for you — all the more reason to kiss him!).

The University of Cincinnati conducted a study on how looks relate to health. Researchers followed 15,000 American men and women from the age of 10 till they were 24 to 35 (now that's dedication). They tracked both their physical and mental health. The connection between attractiveness and better health was and remains astounding. The best-looking candidates were least likely to be troubled with ADHD, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma and tinnitus. These findings were published in the Journal of Evolution & Human Behavior.

Along with this, these men and women participated in 90-minute interviews. The researchers rated them on their level of attractiveness (the hierarchy was based on very unattractive to very attractive). Joseph L. Nedelec and Kevin M. Beaver, the study's overseers, said that for every higher ranking, the chance of ailment dropped by anywhere from 13 to 23 percent. For the ladies, the risk of illness fell by as much as 22 percent for every jump in the attractiveness ranking.

Whoa — this is no light statement. The study clearly indicates that "hotter" people within our society are healthier in both mind and body. Author, dating coach and YourTango expert Laurel House says this is no coincidence. "Unless they simply have naturally embedded beauty, good-looking people are often good-looking due to effort, not luck," she says. "They put time, energy, and effort into their body and health, which is not only displayed externally, but internally, too."

Basically, Beyonce is healthier not because of her naturally flawless appearance (ugh, we hate you for that, Bey), but because of the work she puts into her well-being. We're positive that those Single Ladies dance moves had her working up a serious sweat. It's no secret that the pop crooner exercises vigorously—just look at those thighs! Bey also pays close attention to her food intake. Last year, she went on a 22-day vegan diet and now she's eating mostly plant-based foods. It's easy to see how the Queen came to run the world—and it's no wonder we're all in love with her, either! After all, people who pay close attention to their health are, without doubt, sexier. 

So if you deem yourself as "okay" or less-than-Mila-Kunis in the beauty department, keep two things in mind: First of all, beauty is simply a preconceived societal notion, and you are gorgeous. Second of all, maintaining a wholesome diet and remaining active is what's truly sexy — and that's what improves your health. So get on it, lovers!