Christian Mingle Rapist Behind Bars


As much of a win as we're going to get in this case.

If you think you're safe on specialized dating sites like ChristianMingle.com, think again.

38-year-old Sean Banks, a former Navy Lieutenant, was using ChristianMingle.com and the super popular Match.com to prey on two women … and rape them.

He used three different aliases: Rylan Butterwood, Rylan Harbough and Rarity. Why Rylan? Because he wants to change his name to Rylan, he told police.

Banks — or should we say Rylan? — faces life in prison after being found guilty in a San Diego court of rape (including the rape of an intoxicated woman), forcible digital penetration (violating a victim with his hands), and residential burglary with intent to commit rape.

One of the victims — known as KK during the trial — met Banks on ChristianMingle.com because she "believed in God, scripture, going to church, reading the Bible and [because] I wanted someone who had those same interests," reported the LA Times.

She invited him to her home on November 21, 2012 for a movie night, and Banks took advantage of her vulnerability and isolation to drag her to her bedroom and violate her. The other victim — known as RO — testified that Banks raped her in 2009 (they met on Match.com).

Banks tried to blame the women, calling KK "crazy" and didn’t even testify in his trial.

Justice was served for this ultra-creepy dating site lurker, though. He faces 40 years to life in prison (he is scheduled to be sentenced on September 5th).

Moral of the story? Be careful when Internet dating ladies!