Bad News, Bartenders: 8 Women Reveal Their Career Dealbreakers

bartender and woman
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Who do ladies stay away from? You'd be surprised.

If you're under the impression that all women want to marry a doctor, or swoon over a man in uniform, think again!

Read on for the surprising career dealbreakers that these 8 ladies steer clear of.

1. Military Men

"I wouldn't date a guy who is in the military. I appreciate all these guys do for our country, but I know that I wouldn't be able to handle him being away all the time."  -Helena, 26

2. Wall Street Wolves

"Stay away from hedge fund dudes. They have a bizarre need for control. Men with too much money live in an alternate narcissist reality." -Sarah, 35

"My career dating dealbreaker is if the guy works on Wall Street. I've never met a faithful man who chooses the stock broker career, and I'd rather be with a pauper who doesn't cheat then find myself as wife to a Wolf of Wall Street type." -Joanna, 30

3. Doctors

"Ever since I was a child I knew I would never want to date a doctor, because they never seem to have time with their family. When I met my current boyfriend he was in medical school, and I was ready to run the other way, but he eventually left medical school because he wanted to become a professor."  -Jenelle 24

4. Policemen

"I dated a cop, and the entire six months we were together I never got a good night's sleep. He worked night shifts, and I lived with the constant fear that he would be hurt or killed while on duty. I think it takes a really strong woman to be able to date someone in that line of work. Eventually, he got sick of my hysterics every time he'd leave for a shift." -Stephanie, 32

5. Men in the Food Service Industry

"Growing up in the restaurant industry made me never want to date someone involved in that world. The hours are long and on weekends and holidays they're always working!" -Hailey, 26

6. Bartenders

"Bartenders. I have consistently found them to be unfaithful — but who could blame them when every shift is a new opportunity to meet a new girl?" -Jessica, 22

7. Actors

"I live in New York City, and have been burned by one actor too many. Acting skills can also be used to tell very, very convincing lies. Never again."  -Sammie, 29

Who would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments below.