10 Secluded Spots For Your Romantic Destination Wedding

tent on the beach

Book them fast before they officially become the new hotspots.

The trouble with modern destination weddings is that most places are so frequently traveled, you may as well hold the affair in your own backyard. If you're going to ask your nearest and dearest to take a trip, shouldn't it be to a truly spectacular location? We're on a crusade to ditch the ho hum spots of weddings past for off-the-radar locales that will surely impress your guests.

Here are 10 of the most overused wedding destinations replaced with modern and little-known alternatives. Book them fast before they officially become the new hotspots.

There's something incredibly romantic about saying your vows in a discreet location that only the two of you (and about 300 of your closest friends and family) share. Your destination should actually be a little off the map to truly achieve that remote feel.

Fiji is best known for its faraway nature, but it's held so many weddings it has basically become the catering hall around the corner. Instead, make like explorers and take a private boat to the sparsely populated island of Anegada. You won't believe how distant the stress of city living will feel.

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