Love Bytes: The Real Reason Why Your Ex Gets Over You So Quickly

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Plus, butt-facials are a thing now? Check out some new body requirements for bikini season!

Breaking up with someone is always difficult. However, guys tend to move on much faster than girls do. Why is that? A guy explains! (A New Mode)

Face down, booty up takes on a whole new meaning with this new trend that started in NYC. Women are getting their bottoms exfoliated, peeled and steamed to get rid of acne! I think society might need to take a seat on this one. (SheFinds)

What's better than self-love? The month of May isn't a nationally recognized holiday, but there's something to be said about celebrating loving yourself. (Huffington Post Weird News)

It's a little baby goat in a wheelchair! Frostie the goat recieved a new wheelchair because he'd been immobilized by a joint disease after birth. The baby animal looks super happy to be mobile! (Huffington Post Good News)

Marriage is hard. Being a parent while maintaining a happy marriage is even harder. Somehow, Drew Barrymore manages to do it flawlessly. What can parents learn from her experience? (Cupid's Pulse)

17 most humiliating things she can say to you during sex.There are things that should be left unsaid — particularly in the bedroom. Here are 17 things that women should NEVER say to their man. No, really; like never because some of these made me cringe. #secondhandembarrassment (Guyism)

So you went on a date and you both hit it off — so how long do you wait to call for date number two? (ModernMan)

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Boy Meets World taught me a lot about being honest with myself and others. This uprise in mind games to get a date has caused chaos everywhere. Ladies, just say what you're feeling because guys aren't mind readers. Guys, don't expect her to know what you're thinking without saying it. (DearVagina)

You're toxic; I'm slippin' under. Britney Spears said it best. We get caught up in people that inadvertently tear us down. Recognize the signs of a toxic relationship before it's too late. (DearVagina)

May is ALSO burger month. This seems like a perfect set up for Tim Love to fundraise for his new restaurant and spill about some of his family's summertime traditions. (Cupid's Pulse)

He's got the good touch. There's nothing like a quick caress to get you exactly where you want to be. That's why we took the time to find the best, smoothest-running tablets on the market today! (HiConsumption)

Having a dry spell? Well, never fear because we've collected 6 failproof flirting tips to get you a man! Take action and get action! (A New Mode)

These people sure have a handle on their wardrobe. See some clever outfits that'll make your S.O's jaw drop! (BroMyGod)

Guys love an intelligent girl with a sense of humor. If these quotes are any indication, these ladies will do well in life and love. (BroMyGod)

One size fits all sounds like a terrible tagline in the dating world, but for this dress — it works. (SheFinds)

50 best comic book movies of all time.Comic books. Movies. Dudes. Three things that women are learning to appreciate, especially since they all seem to come in one glorious package. Ladies, here are 50 epic comic book movies to watch with your dude. (Guyism)

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