Awakening to Love Is A Membership For All

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Activate love magnetism with Tamara J. Green, LCSW the Loving Relationship Expert

Love is democratic. Unlike a Country Club it doesn’t require expensive initiation fees or arduous tasks to prove one’s worth. We are all already worthy of love.

Everyone deserves to have it for themselves and others. In the search for love it can almost become like a quest for the Holy Grail. In reality love is found within and not on some exposition trip to all dating events within your state or country.

Last summer I discovered Tamara J. Green, a Loving Relationship Expert, licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), and YourTango Expert based in New York City. Tamara's work gets to the heart of how to shift the mind and body of beliefs towards true love. She doesn't just talk to you with tips. Tamara helps you delve deeper into why you are in your own way and then rewire to not be.

It must have been written in the stars or the constellations converged because I heard of her through the AstroTwins. Tamara was one of the pivotal love experts who got me to finally take my foot off the brake and stay only on the accelerator in my love life.

Tamara’s gift in removing the barriers to the love that is already there and freely available is her ability to teach clients how to pivot. By this I mean, develop a discipline to instantly switch their thoughts of what they don’t want to those they do want.

Many other dating gurus talk about this technique but Tamara had an extra set of potent ingredients in her arsenal: her hypnotic meditations, ability to efficiently re-frame sabotaging thought patterns, and her emphasis on how to embody one’s desired state.

The combination of these tree strategies were effective in shifting my mind-body experience of impossible love to potential and actual love. In a nutshell, Tamara’s work supported me in developing a coherence in my conscious and subconscious mind for love to enter. In that state, I was resonating with those who were open to love.

When people tend to attract unavailable or disinterested partners it’s usually because they are indifferent or on the fence themselves about love and their self-love tends to wax and wane. Between her miracle Monday meditations, group coaching calls, laser individual intensives, plus her skills at getting me and other clients to focus on what we wanted, a loving thought habit emerged. Eventually, my foot released the break, and I accelerated with relationships.

First a guy showed up out of the blue through Meetup and it was a fall rendezvous in San Francisco. Afterwards, I met a California version of Michael Fassbender who gave both the actor and the legendary Casanova a run for their money when it came to mesmerizing women. These two kick start encounters paved the way for Nathan, the man of the moment. No complaints!

Best of all, the experience of awakening to love, and working with the gifted Tamara is available through her “Awakening Membership”. Love is priceless but if you’re in your own way, an investment of $67 is worth it. Members receives an abundance of guidance in individual sessions, meditation bundles, group calls, and webinars.

Being the space for love to enter really is about a mind-body set-point aligned with attracting loving energy. Changing to this state can make all the difference in the world.

When a talented love guide helps you identify your blind spots you get a glimpse into vital information to help you navigate towards love instead of away from it. To experience Tamara's loving expertise in action, click here to listen to her “Loving Relationship Mediation”.