Should You Go To Couples Therapy Before There's A Problem?


You're happily married and love life. So happily married, in fact, that you've never went to couples therapy. Why should you, right? Wrong! There are a ton of reasons why happily married couples benefit from seeing a counselor. If you're enjoying the beautiful ride of your happy marriage, don't you want to continue on the same journey for as long as possible? 

Relationship expert Matthew Walters is joined by YourTango marriage experts Esther PerelCynthia ChestnutElisabeth LaMotte and Lesli Doares to discuss the beneifts of seeing a marriage therapist even if you're not experiencing troubles, and a few reasons why you shouldn't rely too much on an 'outsider' to guide your marriage. 

Watch the video to get insights into how therapy can help (or harm) your marriage. It might just give you the tools to make your marriage even better!