Radical Something's New Video Gives Love To The Trevor Project

Josh Cocktail of Radical Something

Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs join forces with Radical Something on "Pure."

Music to our ears!

"When we were first developing the concept for 'Pure', everyone involved had been following The Trevor Project and felt strongly about supporting their cause," Josh Cocktail of Radical Something tells YourTango about the latest song off the band's Ride It Out album. "Once the video was finished, we reached out to them with the idea that our video could help promote young to feel comfortable in their own skin and raise awareness for their organization. They were excited to get involved and have been a pleasure to work with."

Billboard describes Radical Something's — a trio composed of Cocktail, Alex Lagemann (Loggy), and Michael Costanzo (Big Red) — sound as "hip-hop and rock with a decidedly Californian vibe." 

Here, Cocktail — who's currently dating Charmed and Pretty Little Liars star Holly Marie Combs — discusses partnering with his girlfriend, her best friend Shannen Doherty, and The Trevor Project to bring "Pure" to life.

YourTango: How do you hope "Pure" will aid The Trevor Project's mission?

Josh Cocktail: The song stands for a life that's lived. We want people to feel empowered by it, and embrace their true self. The amazing thing about a song is how it can spread a message and connect with so many people.

YourTango: Shannen Doherty directed the video. What was it like working with her?

Josh Cocktail: She's brilliant. We had all been writing treatments/planning this video for over a year. To step back and look at how she brought the song to life is amazing. Shannen is dedicated and stays true to her craft. Unless it's perfect, she's not happy.

YourTango: Have you previously worked together?

Josh Cocktail: Yes, she directed the video for our song "Naked in Venice."

YourTango: Tell us about Holly's involvement with this video.

Josh Cocktail: She produced the video. She was with us when we first spoke of doing this video and had a specific vision. She said, "Shannen has to do this and she will know exactly what I want." They've been best friends for years. They read each other's minds. She worked her tail off on set. Literally didn't stop moving for 24 hours.

YourTango: Is it ever difficult working with your significant other?

Josh Cocktail: No, we're both super creative and always write together. We had so much fun on this shoot. You should have seen us lugging around gear; it was like 100 degrees and we were pulling one of those Radio Flyer type wagons around all day. It was hilarious. We shot the video in the mountains behind our house.

YourTango: Do you have plans to collaborate with Shannen and Holly on another video?

Josh Cocktail: We never want to force it, but I'm sure when our creative minds align again we will haha. This was a really special project for all of us. It was a song we all took extremely to heart and wanted to make sure it was conveyed visually in the right way.

YourTango: What else is on the horizon for Radical Something?

Josh Cocktail: We're getting ready to announce our biggest tour yet, stay tuned. In the meantime, we're recording a new project and getting inspired. We're so lucky to be doing what we love and will never take any of our success for granted.

Learn more about The Trevor Project and their mission to "provide crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth." 

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