5 Romantic Date Ideas Inspired By 2014 Oscar-Nominated Movies

American Hustle

Go on a date inspired by a movie the Academy fell in love with.

Last week, Oscar nominations were released which gives us enough time to binge through all the movies we haven't seen before the big night. There's also time to plan a unique Valentine's Day date inspired by your favorite Best Picture nominee.

Where to begin? We've come up with 5 date ideas inspired by 2014 Oscar Best Picture movies for you.

1. Dallas Buyer's Club: Go To The Rodeo

The rodeo was significant to Matthew McConaughey's character in this emotional roller coaster of a film — you can tell that his character is truly in his element when it comes to bull riding. If there's a rodeo nearby, go watch people take on the dangerous sport. It'll keep you both on the edge of your seats. Can't find one locally? Bring the rodeo to you. Go to a bar with a mechanical bull for a fun date that's just as thrilling.

2. American HustleGo Clubbing In 70s-Inspired Clothing

If you and your sweetheart are already night owls then change up your routine by changing up your outfits. Oscar nominated actress, Amy Adams and costar Bradley Cooper had an amazing Studio 54 scene that makes everyone want to go back to that time to just to party. So go ahead and pick out a low-cut top like Amy Adams' character and make your hair big and wild for a night of dancing at the club.

3. The Wolf Of Wall Street: Set Sail

No, we don't mean take a massive yacht to Monaco, but you can take a page from the wealthy stockbroker — minus the criminal activity, cheating and prostitutes  and enjoy the ocean's breeze with the one you love. Try a sightseeing boat tour around your city or check Groupon or LivingSocial for discounted dinner cruises around your town for Valentine's Day.

4. Gravity: Visit the National Air and Space Museum

Gravity is one of the few movies that has tried to represent what being in space would be like accurately. It's also one of the most visually stunning movies that was nominated this year. In order to learn more about space and air travel, you ought to pay a trip to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.. It'll leave you and your date mesmerized like Gravity did to audiences. Can't make it to D.C.? Plan a trip to visit the The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in NYC, Strategic Air & Space Museum in Nebraska, the Space Center in Houston or the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.

5. Her: Have a FaceTime Date

Her is all about getting to know someone deeply through conversation. The romance of it all is just truly wanting to be heard and understood by someone … even if it's your phone. If you are already dating a human, however, that's even better! Plan a FaceTime call with your significant other and just talk about anything to really strengthen your connection. After all some of the best dates are where you don't go out at all.

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