Find Out Which Celeb Popped The Question On 'Ellen'

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Find out how a certain athlete gave a romantic proposal with Ellen's help.

You can always expect something magical to happen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and this week really delivered. The prankster host toned down her episode on Wednsday with a great romantic moment between a certain celebrity and his sweetheart.

Kanye West decided to pop the question to Kim Kardashian at San Francisco's AT&T stadium earlier this year using a Jumbotron, an orchestra, and more. But it looks like a certain baseball player decided to skip using the field as his backdrop to his romantic proposal, and opted for a beloved talk show instead.

For the holiday season Ellen dressed her set to the nines with two Christmas trees, a fireplace, flowers and gifts. All the decorations made the set look warm — and just right for this athlete to bend down on one knee.

Ellen of course helped usher the proposal along by asking if he is single. After answering "no", he shows a touching video to the audience describing his loving relationship with his girlfriend of four years, and then gives a touching speech.

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