How can one know that he/she is in love?


Here are all questions from those you can easily find that he/she is in love.

It is quite a largely believed fact that love happens to all, at least once in their lifetime. But, as we keep on meeting different people in our lives, it becomes difficult to ascertain, that for whom we feel that special thing in our hearts. Some people can get to know at the beginning, while some are confused.
Sometime, somewhere we may meet that special person, with whom we feel a great urge to talk, spent time with and share our lives. If things come to proper understanding in the beginning, life can turn out to be really beautiful. Love is best when the feeling is mutual. So, when too people start liking each other more with every passing day, then, it is definitely love.

How can one know that its love and not simply attraction? How can it be felt that things have surpassed the ‘like you’ stage? We often tend to do silly things to know whether we are in love with a certain person, or whether he is in love with us. Things like plucking petals aren’t a solution. Love can only be felt through the heart. Therefore, it is the best place to hurl questions and get answers from. The heart can solve all the confusion between love and infatuation.
Asking questions to oneself
By asking questions related to the matters of the heart, one can get to a conclusion regarding his feelings for one. What are the most common questions can come to the mind?

First question: Can I think anything without him/her in question?
Second question: Do I always want to share my thoughts, happiness, sadness and small things with him/her?
Third question: Can I wait for him endlessly, if he/she wants me to?
Fourth question: Can I sacrifice my favorite things, happiness and precious items for him/her?
Fifth question: Do I have respect in my heart for him/her?
Sixth question: Do I become sad when I have a fight with her/him?
Seventh question: Do I get worried on seeing him/her hurt or sick?
Eighth question: Do I feel envious or left out when he/she converses or keeps association with another person belonging to the opposite sex?
Ninth question: Do I wait to get his/her calls? Does that wait drive me impatient?
Tenth question: Am I really afraid of not being with him/her or losing him/her?

All these questions and their continuous utterance, can give us the answers. Love is a very serene and delicate sensation, and hence proper query should be done with one’s own self, before stepping into it. If the answers of the above questions turn out to be ‘no’, then, it is definitely anything else rather than love. May be a person needs to wait or give time to get into a thicker stage of the relationship. If the answers are ‘yes’, then, it is most definitely love. He or she, then, must take the first step in taking the relationship ahead and conveying his/her feelings to that special person.    

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