Why Falling In Love Really Has Nothing To Do With You

True Love: Why Finding It Is Just Luck

Ditch all of the dating rules you've heard in the past!

This past Saturday I hosted my first-ever solo event as the head writer and creator of the blog ThisIsYourConscience.com, called "R&B: Relationships & Bullsh*t" (derived from my podcast with the same name). The event featured great food and drinks, an amazing singer, and some really interesting conversation as the topic of the night was: Is dating in Toronto really that hard? Unfortunately, we weren't able to complete all the discussion points, which was really frustrating because there was a final word I wanted to deliver to everyone in attendance. So since I didn't get to say it on Saturday night, I felt the next best thing would be to write it here.

Whether you are happily or unhappily single, it's important for you to realize that special people don't fall in love.

What I mean is that love is not solely reserved for people who are uniquely talented at finding love or looking good or hosting a good date. Love isn't specially suited for people who've followed a unique path in life or paid attention to all the right "rules and regulations" of dating or who closely adhered to all the advice that some relationship expert bestowed upon them. Love isn't only for people who have a good job, a solid education, a lot of money and/or a bangin' ass body. Love is what happens when the universe provides you an opportunity that you decide to take advantage of.

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