From Little Tuna to Tumbleweed: Love's Craziest Nicknames

From Little Tuna to Tumbleweed: Love's Craziest Nicknames

The things we put up with for love.

The Eskimos may have 50 words for snow, but ask a doting mom or an infatuated girlfriend what she calls her loved one and even the people of the North would be impressed by her naming prowess. From the traditional (Sugar and Buttercup) to the truly bizarre (Satan and Big Lizard) there are so many ways to call out to our favorite people. 

What's even more remarkable is that we live with these pet names. Sure, Cookie Puss might slide on the playground, but when you're an adult and your mom still won't let your childhood nickname go, that's another story. Here we've rounded up some of the crazy names people endure from their boyfriends, parents and spouses. Oh the things we do for love…

"I once had a boyfriend who lovingly called me Dildo. It started off as a joke and then it just kind of stuck. I got so used to it that it felt the same as being called Sweetheart or Babe." -Stella, 31

"I'm 32 and a CPA for a major law firm in NYC, but to my mother I will always be Kiki." -Rick, 32

"My sister calls me Booter and my mom calls me Little Tuna. I'm single now, but I cringe to think what a future boyfriend will have to come up with to outdo those two." -Marina, 24

"My mom calls my dad Big Lizard, and he calls her Satan. It was strange to hear those names shouted around the house when I was growing up, but they've been married for nearly 40 years, so hey, whatever works." -Tina, 27

"Apparently I remind my fiancé of food. He calls me Sugar, Sweet Thing, Apple Cherry Pie, and Buttercup. At least he doesn't call me Cheeseburger." -Joanna, 31

"My mother still calls me Cookie Puss. I'm twenty-three years old, and there's nothing I can do to stop her, not that I try that hard. Plus, I still call my brothers Mickey and Boo Boo. Never mind that Boo is a twenty-year-old lacrosse player who could toss me across the room if the mood should ever strike him some day . But he still answers when I call him my little Boo Boo. My kids are gonna call him Uncle Boo." -Kristen, 23

"My boyfriend calls me Mo'Freak because one time I admitted to liking that Mo'Nique movie Phat Girlz. It was just one time!" -Mimi, 36

"Tumbleweed. It's not elegant, but that's what my best friend calls me. She says I'm always just floating around town, looking for something to do." -Chloe, 28

"I call my boyfriend Punkass and he likes it. We’re just not a 'Honey' or 'Schnookum' kind of couple." -Courtney, 30

"My husband calls me Grandma Rose. He's kind of poking fun at those people who call their significant other Mami or Papi, but he says I act like too much of an old lady to get a sexy name. So I knit…shoot me!" -Rosanna, 33

"According to my mom, I'm Toadis, my older brother is Pinky, and my little brother is Tippy. Of course those aren't our real names, but that's what she's called us ever since we were little." -Tom, 33

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