Feng Shui 101: 5 Ways To Invite Love Into Your Home

Feng Shui 101: 5 Ways To Invite Love Into Your Home

Is your home stifling your love life?

So you've invited the man you've been seeing over for dinner at your place. Candles are lit, an impressive menu of aphrodisiacs is already cooked up and you have the perfect music set to play when he walks in the door. And yet, for all your efforts into making this night special, did you know that your home could be the thing that is stifling your love life? A redesign of your home using feng shui just might be the answer.

We've all heard of feng shui as the ancient Chinese practice that aims to improve your life by rearranging your home. For centuries, practitioners have believed that how your home and its furnishings are oriented can dictate the dynamic of your life. So why can't that apply to our love lives, as well?

For tips on how to invite love into your door, we consulted two highly acclaimed feng shui experts: Benjamin Huntington, the owner of Veritate Design firm in New York City, and Tisha Morris, a certified feng shui consultant and author of multiple books on the subject. 

As our experts explain, those cluttered shelves and the facing of furniture are having more of an effect than you might think. Feng shui helps us "support or enhance various ways of being" including the presence of romantic love in our lives. "You want the feel, mood, and lighting to be just right," Morris agrees. "This is even more important when it takes place within your home because it sets the stage for an eventual nesting for the two of you. Our home shows our personality, our passions, and our preferences. Make it a good impression!"

Here Morris and Huntington they reveal how to arrange, paint and dress your home from top to bottom in order to enhance romance.

1. The Entry Way

First, the door. Think of it as the first impression to your home. "When you walk into a space, people instinctively tend to look to the right," Huntington says. That makes the right side the perfect place for an artistic print of a couple holding hands or a small table with an open bowl. And don't forget to place a side table for a date to rest his or her things. He goes on to say that the arrangement of the entryway will be a "strong indicator of how welcome they feel."

2. Furniture

More importantly, Huntington says that how you arrange furniture in your livingroom can affect whether your date can feel at ease in your home. Position your couch so that your date can easily see the entry (as opposed to having his/her back to the door). You should be facing each other at a 90-degree angle, as opposed to facing directly face to face or side by side. The reasoning behind this? "Body language and facial expressions are important as a read on how we're doing with other people," Huntington says. A feng shui principle as well as a dating truth! In the bedroom, be sure to have two nightstands of equal height and weight on each side of the bed. Morris explains that it "represents the equality (or lack thereof) in the relationship."

3. Visual Art

For wall decor such as paintings, murals and photographs, both of our experts suggest to populate your walls with people ... in the livingroom. Morris says to include images of couples, but no single people or even single animals. Huntington further adds that having your livingroom walls populated with family and friends can take the pressure off your date. It's nice to know that you have a community. However, he says to keep those pictures for main gathering areas. In more intimate spaces like the bedroom, no pictures of grandma! As an added tip, Morris says that numbers are very impressionable to our subconscious minds. So, arrange your candles, pillows and statues in pairs. Avoid singles and if you're in a relationship, especially avoid the number three. These numbers show up in sneaky ways, so take a close look at your home decor and furniture. Keep Reading ...

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