Exclusive! 'Real Housewives' Adriana De Moura's Wedding Day Drama

Love: 'Real Housewives' Adriana De Moura's Wedding Day Drama

"[Joanna] was not part of my wedding. I didn't even want to go there," Adriana tells YourTango.

Despite those rumors that she was already married, The Real Housewives of Miami's Adriana De Moura wed longtime love Frederic Marq while cameras rolled on May 18. The pair had planned to get hitched five years earlier, but the Miami momma got a case of cold feet because her baby boy wasn't ready to share her (awe!).

Set your DVR—RHOM returns tonight on Bravo. Here, Adriana gives us a peek at what's to come with the Sunshine State's spiciest senoritas, including the drama she faced on her wedding day. Yipes!

YourTango: What will we see this season on Real Housewives of Miami?
Adriana De Moura: A lot of weddings, so there will be a lot of glamour, and there's still a lot of drama.

YourTango: Congratulations on getting married! Do you have any tips for brides-to-be planning their own weddings?
Adriana De Moura: You have to start as early as you can. I think you get very overwhelmed, even when you think you have everything in control, like the day of the wedding. I thought I gave myself time for makeup and then everything crumbled because everybody else is coming to me asking questions. I learned that you should double-check the list 24 hours in advance.

YourTango: What was the most dramatic part of your wedding day?
Adriana De Moura: One of the bridesmaid's dresses was missing. It was drama. People were coming up to me, and I had to solve the next problem.

YourTango: Was it one of the other Housewives whose dress was missing?
Adriana De Moura: It was actually my niece.

YourTango: Was there any drama with Joanna on your wedding day?
Adriana De Moura: No, there was no drama with Joanna. She was not part of my wedding. I didn't even want to go there. We were not at the point where I wanted to risk any drama at my wedding, so I didn't invite her.

YourTango: Were you invited to her wedding?
Adriana De Moura: Her wedding was about a month after my wedding. She did invite me to her wedding, and I basically accepted her wedding as an olive branch.

YourTango: What was the most important part of your wedding day?
Adriana De Moura: The religious ceremony. We had planned to get married for five years. There was a series of things that were triggered by my son not being ready for me to get married at that time. Waiting for my son to accept it and be ready [was important]. 

YourTango: Did you go on a honeymoon?
Adriana De Moura: We didn't really go on a honeymoon. It was just a weekend. We stayed in Miami at the Biltmore. We haven't had time. We're both working very hard, so we couldn't really take the time anymore. Maybe sometime in the future. 

YourTango: What did your cake look like? 
Adriana De Moura: The cake was a traditional French wedding cake. It was not a cake the way you think because in France what they do is mount layers with cream inside. 

YourTango: What is the best love advice you've received, and who gave you that advice?
Adriana De Moura: I think my grandmother. When I was about 15, she said something I will always remember: 'Love comes before money.'  I will never let anything like greed come between us when it comes to love. She was married to my grandfather for 70 years. It's very hard to have a long-term relationship and if you're not sure, it's not going to last. Make sure that you truly love.

YourTango: Speaking of true love, there is a rumor that you've already married Frederic. Is that true?
Adriana De Moura: Five years ago, he was ready, like 'I know I want to marry you.' My son, who was 8 at the time; when we told him, he broke down, and he said please don't marry. I literally couldn't do it. We waited. Somehow some people choose to spin it and say I'm a liar or I've already been married. If that's how [people] choose to spin it; that's how [people] want to attack me. I think it's so lame. It's literally my life, and it's a choice I made as a mother to protect my son, and I couldn't be selfish and impose that on him. I chose not to, because I felt like it was important for him to mature and accept it. 

YourTango: What is essential to a Miami wedding? A true must-have?
Adriana De Moura: To me, it's not having rain. Miami weather: you can never count on it.  

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