Rock On! 6 Date Night Ideas For Music-Obsessed Couples

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Jazz up date night with one of these outings!

Everyone loves music. But if you happen to be one of those couples who just can't get enough of certain artists, genres and experiences, then take a look at these six date night ideas for music-obsessed couples. (They're perfect for pairs that want to dance, sing and play the night away—together.)

1. A Nostalgic Dance Party
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Are you both a big fan of 80s hits, 90s jams or 2000s top 40? Make a silly playlist and listen to all your favorite older songs (feel free to sing along) while you eat snacks that remind you two of their era. You can even make cocktails inspired by the tunes—pass the gin and juice!

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Rather than simply seeing your favorite musician live, why not make an EXPERIENCE out of your mutual love for that person or group? You can visit museums with memorabilia, record stores that carry vinyls, landmarks that pertain to the songs or places that fit with song titles—just be creative!

3. A (Duet) Kareoke Night
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Going out for a night of kareoke with friends? Bring the romance by agreeing to belt out a few tunes TOGETHER. Better yet, make it a double or triple date!

4. A DJ Class
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Want to learn how to spin? Take a class together! It'll be a great bonding experience (PLUS you'll be learning a fun new skill). Try Scratch DJ Academy for private OR group lessons.

5. A Grownup Dress Up Date
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Whether it's Johnny Cash and June Carter, Sonny and Cher, Yoko and John—if you two are OBSESSED with a historic music couple, why not play dress up? You could dress up like them and go out on the town for a themed date (see #2 as well).

6. A Fun Festival
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You'll always go see live music together that you BOTH love. But what about getting exposed to new music? Seeking out a spontaneous, unfamiliar festival is an exciting new experience! A new place plus new music makes for an extra special memory.

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