7 Summer Staycation Dates That'll Put You Into Relaxation Mode

7 Summer Staycation Dates That'll Put You Into Relaxation Mode
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Oh, the places you'll go ... kind of.

If summer is the time to vacation, nothing says ultimate bummer quite like not being able to take a vacation. Whether it's because of your budget or time, just because you can't jump a plane to Italy, doesn't mean you should have to go without.

Instead of sulking as you watch your friends go to all the places you want to go, why not get in on the staycation fun? It may not be exactly what you hoped for this summer, but just think of these staycation date ideas as practice for the big vacations you'll be able to take next year.

1. A Night In Europe

First, choose a country you've always wanted to visit. Got one? Great. Next find a restaurant that serves that cuisine, don a piece of garment that's associated with the country, then hit up a foreign film from that country. Can't decide on one country in particular? Well, it looks like Spanish food for you, then an Italian film — all while dawning a chic beret.

2. A Spa Evening

So, you and your love really hoped for a long weekend at spa resort in Cabo this summer, but it's not going to happen? No worries! You can turn your place into a spa, with comfy robes, flutes of champagne, and the best part, taking turns giving each other relaxing massages with some lovely scented oils.

3. Beach Under The Stars

Not all of us can afford to hotfoot it to the Hamptons every year, but you can easily make up for that in your own way. After a proper dinner consisting of seafood (of course), head to your closest beach — ocean or lake — and wander around under the stars. You may not be able to create the same haughty atmosphere as the Hamptons, but in the dark, you can easily ignore that you're at Coney Island (as long as you keep your back to the rides.)

4. Throw A Hawaiian Luau

I'm sure you and your fella aren't the only ones doing the whole staycation thing this year, so find out who else is sticking around and make it a group "staycation" trip. With some leis, grass skirts and fruity drinks served in coconuts, you'll feel just like you’re in Maui — almost.

5. Camp Night

So maybe that big camping trip just wasn't meant to be this summer, but that's fine. Make a date of roughing it by tossing up a tent in the yard and pretending you're out in the middle of nowhere in Montana. Don't have a yard? You can easily find a place nearby your home where setting up a tent for the evening is allowed. If worse come to worse, set it up in your living room. Watching Dances with Wolves from the comfort of your tent inside your house will make you feel like you;re really out in the wild or, at the very least, a little crazy, and that's always fun.

6. Make Your Home A Hotel

From chocolates on the pillow to 600-count Egyptian cotton sheets, with a little money, and even less effort, you and your date can make your home into a luxury hotel for the evening. Of course, this means you’ll be eating dinner and drinking champagne in bed (a la room service) while relaxing away the stress of the week. And don't forget to do all that lounging in a white terry robe! As with your spa evening, true relaxation gets even better when it’s done in a rob.

7. Go On A Picnic

People never go on picnics anymore, or at least not the way they used to. Fill up a basket with your favorite savory and sweet treats, and head to a place you've never been. Places that are new to our senses can help us in convincing ourselves we're far away from our day to day. Whether Montana, Madrid or a tropical island is your thing, after you're good and full from a great lunch, lay back in the grass, close your eyes and you guys can pretend you're just about anywhere.

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