90s TV Stars You Wished Were Your Boyfriend

90s TV Guys You Wished Were Your Boyfriend

These 13 small-screen cuties swept us off our feet back in the day.

Before we ever had our first boyfriends, we dreamed of a passionate life-long romance with Cory Matthews, Zack Morris and/or Randy Taylor.

They were all so cute, so charming, and knew exactly how to treat a lady. Unfortunately, they had already found their soul mates in TV land, and we were stuck in the real world.

Here, we let the jealousy monster get the best of us as we reminisce over the 13 hunks that stole our hearts in the '90s, and present some of their sweetest, crush-worthy moments: 

Cory Matthews on Boy Meets World
His undying love for Topanga never wavered—except for that time he kissed Lauren at the ski resort.

Zack Morris and/or AC Slater on Saved by the Bell
There would be no complaints coming from us if we had these two competing for our affections. Major fail, Kelly.

Uncle Jesse on Full House
We were always envious of Becky, who was the only woman to tame Jesse Katsopolis's wild ways. And seriously, if we kissed a guy and afterward he said, "Have Mercy!" we'd probably faint. 

Pacey Witter on Dawson's Creek
Always Team Pacey. Always. #sorrynotsorryDawson

Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life
Jordan's definitely not boyfriend material, but he was makeout material. And sometimes that's just better. 

Trent Lane on Daria
Somehow, this sexy rocker cartoon made us feel things.

Dylan McKay and/or Brandon Walsh on 90210
They really made it hard to choose. But by looking at their shirts, we'd have to pick Brandon.

Randy Taylor on Home Improvement
Randy, we would totally share that locker with you. And to be honest, we may or may not have felt really flippin' jealous the first time Randy had a girlfriend. But then Wilson calmed us down. 

Steve Hale on Full House
He loved food, but he loved DJ even more. And he was Aladdin! #sold

Doug Funnie on Doug
The nerves that would overwhelm Doug whenever Patti was around was just so endearing!

Chandler Bing on Friends
Could there BE a better TV boyfriend-turned-husband than Chandler Bing?

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