Love Bytes: The Single Girl's Summer Bucket List

Love Bytes: The Single Girl's Summer Bucket List

Plus, what not to do on your next blind date.

There's no doubt about it: Summer is an awesome time to be your free-spirited, single self. From treating yourself to a new pair of heels to approaching a stranger and saying "hi," here are all things non-attached ladies should do this season. Why? 'Cause you can! (TresSugar)

Guarding his cellphone, making hurtful remarks about you, and more of the classic signs your guy is cheating. (The Stir)

Are you in a codependent relationship? Find out if your partner is too controlling and see how you can break the pattern. (eHarmony)

Have you met Garibaldi? The massive rodent who loves to cuddle? We suggest you do. (Huffington Post Good News)

Watch out for AutoCorrect, you could wind up with this strange sext fail. (Damn You AutoCorrect)

"I knew you were trouble when you told me you didn't believe in women's rights," and more great tweets from the "Feminist Taylor Swift” Twitter account. (PopHangover)

Want ombre hair? Here's how in four easy steps. (The Gloss)

Have burning questions about love and sex? Get 'em answered here. (Gurl)

What are the signs he loves you? See what this guy has to say. (ANewMode)

Get your flirt on with these 15 dresses under $50 that scream summer love. (Divine Caroline)

Need a daily dose of "love hormone"? Could more marriages really stay intact with the help of biochemicals? (WetPaint Moms)

Watch this dude harassing women on a bus get taught a lesson (The Chive)

Are you bugging your new crush? Here's how to tell, according to a guy. (ANewMode)

No photos of you? Hundreds of pictures of you? Find out what his Facebook behavior says about his commitment to you. (Madame NoireKeep Reading ...

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