In A New Relationship? Expect A Pricey Holiday Gift

guys spend more on gifts

A study reveals newly attached men buy more expensive gifts than their female counterparts.

We often complain that men are so hard to shop for, but could he be the one who’s actually stressing over your holiday gift this year? A new study from suggests so, reporting that guys are more likely than women to shell out the big bucks on presents when they’re in a new relationship.

It turns out they expect more from their new gal too — but they shouldn't hold their breaths, because we're not too keen on returning the favor. The study found that a measly 5% percent of women would spend more than $100 on their new partner, whereas 22% of men say they’d splurge for their new girlfriend.

So are we ladies just being cheap — or are guys being indulgent? I’d say it’s the latter; guys tend to use that first gift as a measure of their devotion – which would explain why 15% percent of men said they would end the relationship (!) if their new significant other didn’t spend enough on them — and only 11% of women found a gift’s price tag to be a deal breaker. So much for that ‘gold digger’ stigma. Also: really, guys?! A deal breaker?

Thinking back on my last relationship and his first holiday gift, I remember my guy doing his research. He consulted his sister, mom, female friends, and even asked me subtle questions to find the perfect gift. When he ended up presenting me with a beautiful new watch, I was shocked by how many friends and family members commented on the gift — and by extension, what he keeper he was.

He wasn't. That said, it might be time to give credit where credit is due: guys aren't always as clueless when it comes to gift-giving as we like to think. It all boils down to the gesture that the first gift represents; it's the first time a guy is showing you he cares, and he wants to put his best foot forward. Could an extravagant gift also feed his ego? Perhaps…but I’m not complaining. (Also, check in with that guy a few years into the relationship. His gift-giving prowess may not be what it used to be.)

How important is first holiday gift to you? Do you expect him to spend a certain amount? Do you expect him to spend more than you?

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