National Coming Out Day: 5 Most Relatable Gay TV Couples

Justin Bartha & Andrew Rannells
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In honor of National Coming Out Day, we're honoring our favorite adorable gay couples on TV!

Gay couples on TV are becoming more and more popular and are paving the way for the reality of gay relationships in modern times. To celebrate National Coming Out day, here's five of our favorite. Which one tops your list?

1. Modern Family's Cameron and Mitchell

Modern Family has won 12 Daytime Emmy Awards and we know why! Besides the wonderful cast and hilarious script, Cameron and Mitchell's relationship is one of the main things we can't get enough of. Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and partner Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) work through many issues like public displays of affection and their own emotional issues from past relationships. Audiences first met them while they were on a plane with their adopted daughter, Lily coming home from Vietnam. Their first task was bringing her into their family who were wary of their gay son and advised if the couple was "bored" to "get a dog." Many people can relate to the universal sting of a parent's comments. We applaud this couple for taking Lily in and raising her in a loving manner and the show for taking a chance on what's turned into a super successful show.

2. Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Callie Torez and Dr. Arizona Robbins

We love Callie and Arizona so much. Sara Rameriez portrays Callie, an orthopedic resident and Jessica Capshaw plays Dr. Robbins,  a pediatric surgeon. This couple has been through everything from personal emotional issues to tragic accidents throughout their tenure as a couple on Grey's Anatomy. Despite how groundbreaking they are in medicine, they are just like any other normal couple who face the desire to marry and have children. In one episode, Callie's father comes to visit and finds out she wants to marry Arizona. He dissaproves but Callie goes on with the wedding and eventually her father comes around. We love them because they are talented and powerful, and they love each other despite the opinion's of society. Callie and Arizona are more widely accepted on Grey's by their peergroup. We all learn from this pair that love can't be denied!

3. The New Normal's Bryan and David

The New Normal is a brand new show this fall with a different kind of storyline. David Murray (played by Justin Bartha) is a gay gynecologist dating a television producer Bryan Collins (Andrew Rannells). The show began with their desire to have a baby and need for a surrogate. Oddly enough, they meet a waitress named Goldie who just moved to LA, and they begin co-mingling their lives to bring a baby into the world. Of course, Goldie's family gets involved including her non-approving grandmother. This show brings to realization the way the world has changed as it approaches serious issues with a comedic tone. And, it's just been announced that one of the sexiest gay men ever is joining the cast—Matt Bomer!

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