Would You Try A Mobile App For Couples?

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Pair is a mobile app that lets busy and long-distance couples keep in touch.

Finally, an app created just for couples! Pair is a fun social-networking mobile app — think DrawSomething, Google Tasks, and Facebook for two —  that lets couples stay connected 24/7.

The easy interface lets sweethearts interact instantly through live sketches and "ThumbKisses" (so cute!) if they happen to be on at the same time. If not, no worries — each person can leave sketches, message, photos, videos, and even adorable "thinking of you" notes on a private timeline for their love to find. This is especially useful if you're in a long-distance relationship, but can be helpful for any couple with a super-busy schedule — and isn't that everyone these days?

In addition to its naturally charming characteristics (that for some reason made me feel like a giggly middle schooler), this free app has a practical component for the more day-to-day aspects involved with being in a relationship. For example, the app displays and lets you share important dates (like anniversaries and birthdays), moments (all of the pictures and sketches posted on the timeline) and my favorite, shared tasks. No more excuses for forgetting what to pick up at the grocery store!

Truthfully, it was hard to convince my fiancé to download this app and even harder to make him actually log in. For the purpose of the story, he finally agreed and we signed on for our first "ThumbKiss" a few rooms apart, to which he promptly exclaimed "is that it?!" (Well, I thought it was fun.) But after playing around with the sketches and various features, he sent me an in-app message saying, "This is great, actually!" I totally wasn't expecting that, but this was his explanation: "You can do everything with this app — you can draw, make videos, take pictures and can talk to each other. Plus, it's all instant!" Ha. 

So there you have it, ladies — the stamp of approval from a real-life man. If you and your man have iPhones, I definitely recommend giving the Pair app a shot. Happy ThumbKissing! 

Do you have any favorite relationship-related mobile apps?

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