Take a period for yourself after break-up.

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Don't jump immediately into being friends after a break-up. If you do, you could damage yourself.

BY Hope Kumor  

So, you hear those heart-wrecking words, "Let's break-up." But, it's mutual. Despite this fact, it's still excruciatingly painful on both parties. You decide to stay friends. In fact, you pretend like nothing has changed as you plan to see one another the day after. You want to make the situation as easy and simple as possible. You want the transition to go smoothly and not be awkward. The next morning, he is supposed to come over around 1:00 pm. You cry that morning because you finally realize it's over. This will be an especially hard day for you because you cannot kiss, play, flirt, or cuddle with him. You must move on, feel nothing.

First piece of advice, NEVER do this. Don't ever think you can go from being boyfriend/girlfriend to friends in less than 24 hours and be okay. It will cause more damage than you'll ever know. I thought that I could get over him within a week. Yet, I'm still sitting here after two years and continue to reel from it. There was no initial separation period, no time for ourselves. It seems I was the one who had such a difficult time with this process. Though I'm starting to get over him, there is still a little "something" present. I only see him twice a month and yet, I still feel tiny butterflies. It's horrible and I don't recommend you doing this.

Second, don't be friends with him until you're ready. You may feel as if you want to see him the next day, but you can't & you shouldn't. It's a bad idea. Only reform your friendship when you know it's right. Remember, take time for yourself and live the single life for a while. See where live takes you and enjoy the time. Have fun, go crazy. It's something I wish I did.. Have a question to ask about break-ups?

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