Would You Use An App To Find Out Why He Rejected You?

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WotWentWrong allows users to ask past dates "what went wrong?"

Picture this: First date. You sense some amazing chemistry. The conversation never stops; plenty of laughter. At the end of the wonderful evening, he kisses you goodnight—twice. Obviously you're heading into date two territory, right?

Not so much.

Too often great dates end in no follow-up calls, or no response to your call, without so much as an explanation. For those of you dying to know exactly what caused your date to say "sayonara" to the possibility of a romantic relationship, there's WotWentWrong, a website dedicated to helping you determine why he's just not that into you. 10 Reasons why he's just not that into you!

To start the process, WotWentWrong offers several customizable email templates so you can construct a positive message that requests "feedback" from your date. The request can either be emailed or sent via text message to that silly dude who never called you back after your first meeting. Then, if your "ex" chooses to respond to your outreach, he can select from predetermined reasons (examples, "Physical," "It's not you" or "Lifestyle") or go even further by explaining his decision in his own words. At the end of it all, you'll get a message with both positive and constructive feedback, plus some helpful hints and customized advice from the experts at WotWentWrong.

A Wall Street Journal blog has deemed WotWentWrong to be a great way to "soothe the sting of breakups." But I've gotta call it like I see it, ladies—this cannot be true. Sure, you may think you want to know why that cute guy who bought you noodles and kissed you goodnight never called again, but you don't. Why? Because in your head, you're likely hoping his response is, "I've had so much going on; you're so great; too good for me." However, the answer is likely, "The conversation wasn't that great, your breath smelled like noodles when we kissed and honestly, you don't look as thin as you do in your OKCupid profile." WTF: A Man Refused To Date Me Because I Looked Like THIS PERSON

Because folks, let's be 100 percent honest for a minute: Sometimes, we don't really want to know why things didn't work out, even if we feel that we need to.

Our friends at The Gloss said it best: "I guess using this service is an efficient way of communicating to whoever dumped you that he/she dodged a bullet."

Would you use WotWentWrong?

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