Love Bytes: How Gossip Can Be Good For Your Relationship

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Plus, 25 Valentine's Day movies for 25 relationship stages.

There comes a time in many relationships when you're spending an awful lot of time staying at one person's place or the other's. Some call it "shacking up." Some think that phrase is awful. Whatever the case, there are a few immutable rules for both guest and host to follow. As Ben Franklin said, "Fish and houseguests smell after three days." So, shower together. (The Frisky)

Speaking of unwritten rules of staying together: Should he end his very private, self-indulgent "habit" when you move in together?* (Good Men Project)

How to stop blaming yourself for his cheating. (Betty Confidential)

What his past relationships say about him. (Glo)

Do you know how to get a guy to call back after a date? This quiz will prove it. (The Gloss)

Guess what? Some gossip is good for your relationship. (eHarmony)

Aw cute, y'all. A mistyped email address led to true love. We needed this after Seal and Heidi. (The Stir)

V-Day is a scant fortnight away. 25 Valentine's Day movies for 25 relationship stages. (HowAboutWe)

What, exactly, is a "recycled bride"? This isn't about eco-friendly weddings again, is it? (Huffington Post)

There are 10, and only 10, signs that he is into you. (iVillage)

Does his money matter? Or are you in it for his soul? (Madame Noire)

*Except in the shower, let's not be unreasonable. 

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