Love & Fashion: Confessions Of A Lifelong Beauty Addict

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What happens when the quest to look beautiful becomes all-engrossing and devoid of rationale?

Follow this logic. Looking good begets feeling good. Feeling good begets wellness. Wellness begets living longer. Ergo, looking younger may aid in longevity. Per science, the fountain of youth may just be great-looking skin. People who look younger not only live longer but have lower levels of anxiety and are more likely to get married. It's all about the telomeres, baby. (Huffington Post)

Traditional wedding season is in the rearview mirror, hello first day of autumn. But these days you can get married whenever you'd like. Wedding expert David Tutera has advice on how to keep your wedding from becoming a tacky nightmare. (Fox News iMag)

Speaking of completely subdued, non-opulent weddings (ha) ... We all think Kate Middleton is the epitome of class. But apparently, even she has to go to school to brush up on that classiness. Apparently Prince William is sending her to "princess camp." Would you take classes on how to look, dress and act for your husband? (The Stir)

The first day of fall means that your summer wardrobe is moving into the closet. What are you going to replace it with? You may need these six great-looking and sexy-as-autumn-gets new items. Gawd, we hope flare-legged jeans are back (confession: I have no idea what I'm talking about). (The Stir)

Halloween is coming up, and that means lots of French-maid costumes (can't say I'm not excited). But how do you wear fishnets without looking like a French maid or stripper? The Gloss shows you several ways of donning them, classily. (The Gloss)

In other weird-outfit news, Alexander Wang made a T-shirt for Starbucks and it makes the ladies at Shine sad. Read why. (Shine)

And on a different note! What happens when the quest to look beautiful becomes all-engrossing and devoid of rationale, rhyme or reason? A beauty addict talks about what it's like: It's a worthwhile read. (Good Men Project)

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