How Hurricane Irene Can Help You Find A Boyfriend

Love, Self

Hurricane Irene could be the ultimate wing woman, according to The Village Voice.

As the threat of Hurricane Irene continues to loom over the East Coast, many, especially New Yorkers, are trying to figure out if it would be best to stay or to leave. In case our hurricane-sex talk (it really is hotter, the vast majority says!) wasn't enough to convince you that being stuck inside during a storm isn't so bad, the Village Voice's brilliant "How to Find Your Hurricane Boyfriend" will be. They advise you to find "a strong, muscled type, someone who can hold a roof over your head in case it blows away" as well as "someone who will not bogart your Xanax." Wise words. Looks like "finding a man" is now on the list of things to do for hurricane prep, to ensure that the only thing getting blown away this weekend is your mind! Singing The Scorpions' "Rock You Like A Hurricane" while shacking up with said man is still optional. /node/93115

As for updates on Hurricane Irene's path, check out The New York Times tracking map.