Love Bytes: 5 Dating "Sharks" To Avoid During Shark Week

love bytes

The lost art of kissing, being child-free by choice and 5 different breeds of "nice girl."

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links.

Happy Shark Week, readers! For your reading pleasure, 5 dating "sharks" to avoid, during shark week and beyond. [The Frisky]

Before YourTango (and the Internet in general) existed to answer womens' every last relationship question, where do you think we turned? Read on for a glimpse into vintage romance comics, the retro answer to 'smart talk about love'.  [Tres Sugar]

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Sometimes you just read a story, relate all too well, and proceed to go "that is so me". Guilty? Here's why using other people's stories to tell your own can be all too dangerous if done incorrectly. [Double X]

The lost art of kissing: how to reignite the spark if your smooches are lackluster. [Third Age]

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"Lead with your vulnerability," and three other tips for coping when the road gets rocky. [Huffington Post Women]

Sure, you're one, but which? The 5 different types of "nice girls." [The Gloss]

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