Now You Can Fight Bad Breath With An Apple Instead Of Mints

couple biting apple

Tired of Tic-Tacs? Try biting down on South Korea's new golf ball-sized "kiss apple" instead.

Nothing kills romance like bad breath, but if Tic Tacs aren't your thing, consider chomping down an apple before leaning in for a kiss.

At least that's what researchers in South Korea are suggesting, with their pocket-sized "Kiss Apple" developed to combat halitosis. How To Prevent An Awkward First Date

Considering the zestiness of South Korean cuisine, it isn't surprising that that researchers at the country's Rural Development Administration are eager to engineer new breath-freshening solutions. Not to mention that apples are healthier than Altoids. Apparently, Morning Breath Is Super-Sexy In The Morning

"We want young people to eat many apples and came up with the idea of portable apples for your bags," said researcher Hwang Hye-Sung, who aims to mass-produce the apples within two years. 5 Kissing Mistakes To Avoid

Toting an apple in your clutch may sound inconvenient, but don't worry, science has got you covered. Researchers say that the apples will be the size of a golf ball. Pretty manageable, right? And unlike mints, the "kiss apples" can clean your teeth while freshening your breath.

Potential South Korean customers aren't so convinced. Kim Min-Jung, a 28 year-old office worker, told reporters that eating an apple on a date can ruin the romance unless you were already expecting a kiss. We can't say we disagree. It's hard to go wrong with a pocketful of cinnamon breath strips. Surreptitiously popping in a mint can be awkward enough, so quietly chewing an apple before kissing somebody requires a finesse than most of us simply don't possess.

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If you are interested in replacing mints with natural breath fresheners, though, there are plenty of foods and herbs you can consume while waiting for South Korea's "kiss apples" to hit the market. Crunchy veggies like carrots and celery increase saliva production, which rinses out odor-causing bacteria. Vitamin C-rich fruits like berries, oranges and melons not only curb bacteria growth, but they fight gum disease and gingivitis, two major causes for halitosis. If you love dairy, eat a serving of yogurt each day to reduce hydrogen sulfide in the mouth. Finally, if you're on the go, carry a sprig of fresh coriander or rosemary in your pocket. Chew on a leaf before greeting your date with a kiss, and he'll surely lean in for another one before the night's over.