7 Predictions About Kate Middleton's Wedding Look

Kate Middleton
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Will Kate wear a wedding gown with sleeves? A veil? How long will the train be?

Like the rest of the fashion universe, I am dying to see Kate Middleton arrive at Westminster Abbey this Friday, April 29. The anticipation and speculation has been swirling since November: What will her gown look like? Who will design it? Will she sport a train? A veil? Lace sleeves?

No one knows for sure what Kate will wear. Her style choices have been kept under lock and key. But it's wedding week, so let's celebrate by furthering the speculation. I've compiled a few predictions for Kate's wedding-day look. In just a few days, we'll know if I'm spot-on or if I've totally missed the mark.

1. The dress will have sleeves. According to Bruce Oldfield, one of the potential candidates to create Kate's gown, the dress will have sleeves. And we're talkin' 100 percent certainty on this aspect of the wardrobe: "I'm sure the dress is going to be modest in terms of coverage," Oldfield said. "It has to be, you know? It will have sleeves, it has to have sleeves. You can't walk down Westminster Abbey in a strapless dress—it just won't happen." With a ceremony filled with strict tradition, I'm pretty sure Kate will avoid any sort of wardrobe debacle. I'm thinking a modern take on lace sleeves is probable.

2. Kate will wear a veil. Just like the modest sleeves, Kate will probably don a demure veil when she strolls down the aisle at the Abbey. However, unlike Diana's massive veil, I'm guessing Kate's will be much less fussy. 4 Reasons Not To Envy Kate Middleton

3. That train will be long. Diana's 25-foot train was totally iconic, and I think Kate will amp up the drama a bit with a similar, long train. Even if she doesn't go quite as long as the late Princess of Wales, her train will still be fit for royalty.

4. She'll wear her hair down. Most royal-wedding projectors are betting on an up-do, but I think Kate will wear her hair down. Kate usually wears her locks long and flowing, and for her wedding day, I think she'll feel most natural and comfortable in a similar style—maybe half up, half down.

5. The gown will be mostly frill-free. I just can't envision the down-to-earth bride wearing super-feminine frills. We'll see what happens, but I think Kate's dress will be sleek and sophisticated. I would be shocked to see the future princess in a taffeta skirt. A chic A-line design is far more likely, in my opinion.

6. Sarah Burton will design the gown. There is so much speculation over the designer of Kate's wedding dress, and the truth? I have no idea who's been given that honor (it's the best-kept secret on the planet right now). But with Sophie Cranston saying she's out and Bruce Oldfield seeming unlikely, I'm going to put my money on Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen. Maybe that's just a whole lot of wishful thinking, as I'd love to see Kate make a statement with McQueen. Kate Middleton & The Four Secrets For Marrying A Prince

7. Kate's dress will spawn thousands like it. Already, oodles of brides are waiting with bated breath to see the gown saunter down the aisle at the end of the week, hoping it can inspire their dress choices. So like Princess Di, Grace Kelly and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy before her, Kate's wedding-day look is set to be nothing short of revolutionary fashion.

What do you think Kate will wear on her wedding day?