Don't Date These 10 Dudes In 2011

Woman covering face with hand

Emotionally unavailable, hung up on an ex or just insecure? Resolve to avoid them all year long.

On the heels of my dating resolutions list, I'm also thinking about the types of guys I've dated this year—the ones I've had fun with, the ones who've hurt my feelings, the ones who've wasted my time, the ones with whom the timing was just wrong. My girlfriends have also been through a bounty of man types and shared some of their best and worst. Some we would date again and some, well, we wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. The Frisky: This Is Why He Dumped You?

1. The "All Of The Above, But Not Really" Guy: This fella says on his online dating profile that he's looking for a long-term relationship, but then tells you he's not actually looking for something serious. It's a valid point that maybe he's just not interested in YOU, but regardless, it's an easily dismantled excuse. Really, I think this guy says he's interested in a long-term relationship because it widens his pool of potential casual sex partners. False advertising works.

2. The First Date Switcheroo: This guy tries to stick it in your butt the first time you have sex. This is really almost laughable except for the risk of hemorrhoids. Guys, may I suggest you wait until at least date number five? We still might not be into it, but we'll respect you more.

3. The Bill Itemizer: I am begrudgingly OK with going dutch on a date. These are tough economic times, after all. But the guy who itemizes what each of you ordered on his stupid f**king iPhone calculator and then says "OK, you owe $34.67 and I owe $28.53" deserves a fork in the eye.

4. The "Oops, I Have A Baby On The Way" Guy: A girlfriend of mine dated not one, not two, but three dudes who waited until a month into dating to let her know that they had a kid on the way. That's, like, a within-the-first-30-minutes-of-date-number-one reveal. The Frisky: "He Called Me His Girlfriend, Then Disappeared"

5. The Stuck-On-The-Ex Guy: He's not over his ex, but he's keeping you on the back burner. He's uber-non committal about making future plans and might even be reluctant to bring you to bed because his emotions are all caught up in her. A fellow Frisky staffer told me, "I once went on a second date with a guy and, randomly, his ex-girlfriend passed us by on the sidewalk and he physically tried to hide me behind a pole. It was soooo rude. Seriously, men, don't put yourself on the market if you're not ready yet." Co-sign.