Can The Web Protect Your Relationship From PMS?

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Two new online tools aim to keep relationships happy despite your hormones.

We've made an awful lot of assumptions regarding women, rational behavior and hormones over the last several thousand years. The word "hysteria," for example, means, "excessive or uncontrollable emotion" but once meant, "emotional trauma caused by disturbance in the uterus." There was that brief period (heh) in the '80s and '90s in which PMS became a punch-line, sub-plot or recurring gag for roughly all televised comedies. And, finally, most teenage girl hysterics (and teenage boy hilarics) are attributed to imbalances and overabundances of hormones. Pill That Eliminates the Period Gets Mixed Reviews

But hormones can work FOR you as well. The newish site creates a daily horoscope for women based on where they are in relation to their monthly visitor (you know, the menstrual cycle). For instance, on November 2, 2010 if you were on day one of your period "expect light spotting" and "Take advantage of rising estrogen and testosterone energy to power through tasks you've been putting off. And if you time your day right, you can get even more done! That's because research shows that Tuesday between 10 and noon is the most productive time of the week for most people." (The "spotting" bit was from me, but that doesn't make it bad advice.)

And the whole hormone kiboodle isn't just about hysteria, Aunt Florence or even women. also has info about the male hormonal cycle and it largely explains why we like morning sex. It turns out the man runs through his whole chemical process in 24 hours. No wonder dudes finish roughly 28 times faster than a gal.

And guess who else is getting in on this hormone action? The queen of confections herself, Betty Crocker. The venerable grand dame of at-home cakery has an iPhone app (application—it's understandable that you'd think appetizer) called the Warm Delights PMS SOS app. Essentially, the app has coupons and tools to help a couple survive a lady's monthly including an apology machine. 

Do you think understanding your hormones and menstrual cycle will make a relationship more successful? Do you think Betty Crocker would win in a fight against Sara Lee? Or does it depend on the day of the month?

Enjoy the most realistic video I could find about hormones: