Ambitious, Overachieving Women Have The Best Sex

woman with dollar sign sunglasses
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Yep, achieving couples have the most satisfying sex.

There is a legend—an accepted legend but a legend nonetheless—that strong-headed, career-focused women are very difficult to please in the head, heart and baby-makers. Some combination of stress, perfectionism and immaculately kempt hair (periodically in a bun so tight that it makes changing facial expressions nigh impossible) make us think that she hasn't been properly rogered in eons and would probably be a drill sergeant in the sack. As it turns out, common knowledge is mad wrong, yo.

Per (I looked it up; ".org" means "dot organization" rather than "period orgasm"), women are more likely to get married when they are well-educated, and couples in which each party achieved and achieved at their jobs have more satisfying sex. These conclusions were reached by the venerable institutions of UCLA and Wisconsin, respectively. First of all, it's great to see that universities with such decent football programs can tell us a thing or three about love and the accomplishing woman. Second of all, it seems that the data that led us to believe that smart ladies with sweet jobs and fancy-pants educations were doomed to Mrs. Havisham their way into the grave were pretty outdated. 6 Reasons To Put Love Before Your Career

And, finally, the really bright spot. Per blogger Penelope Trunk, successful women receive more oral sex. That's right. If you're in the corner office (or the Oval Office), you're getting hummers left, right and center. And since research (both academic and empiric) shows that only about 25 percent of women orgasm from intercourse alone, women who earn many monies must experience more pleasure in bed. Granted, some of her findings were based on a poll on her site, but it still makes sense. Busy Woman's Wish List: A Man Wife

So ladies, your demanding, rewarding job isn't keeping you from stellar sexing, do you think it also stands to reason that your demanding, rewarding job isn't keeping you from a fulfilling relationship?