Why Guns And Weddings Don't Mix

couple shooting a shotgun during hunting season

The bleak tale of a real shotgun wedding gone wrong.

While the concept of a shotgun wedding has been around since, well, before shotguns were invented, rarely do the firearms ever actually show up at the wedding. And for good reason, though guns don't kill people, excitable people with guns do. Is A Shotgun Wedding Right For You?

The New York Daily News has a story out of Sicily that makes the death of Brandon Lee look like business as usual. A photographer got a call from a bro to fill-in for a wedding photo gig and ended up with a head full of lead. The couple was asked to pose with firearms in a pre-wedding shoot (ironic) and one of the rifles went off, killing the camera man. Police are investigating but there is an anti-rat, no-snitchin' sentiment on the island largely known for its Cosa Nostra ties. This Man Really Doesn't Want To Get Married

The lessons:

  • A gun is always loaded. Treat it thusly.
  • Residents of Appalachia, Mexico, the Middle East AND the Italian isles like to mix gunfire with wedding celebrations. Noted. 
  • What goes up must come down. Someone may get hit with an errant celebratory bullet.
  • Finally, never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

Please take this information to heart before serving a hot, lead sandwich to a member of your wedding party. Please enjoy this piece from The Onion in case you need a laugh after that terrible story.