Addicted to Love? Or is it the Chase…


The Human Experience

Why do we do it? Why do we fall in love? What is it about us that motivates us to
continue putting ourselves into the all too predictable cycle of “Falling In
and Out of Love” over and over again? It’s inevitable; we know all things must
come to an end yet we enter in each time bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to
prove the masses wrong and successfully “ride the bull into submission”.

Oddly enough nobody goes to the rodeo to see that. Nobody wants to ?watch somebody stay on the Bull and woo it into submission. Who would pay to?see that?! We want to see people getting thrown off of the wild raging Bull?while risking physical harm and immense pain just to last longer than the other?competitors at an insurmountable task/feat. You see, no one is ever really?supposed to be able to successfully ride the raging bull from the start; that's? the adventure. You pay to see someone do something that is virtually?impossible, something that cannot under normal circumstances be accomplished or?even attempted-now that's a show.

What happens when we do finally get love, when we catch it and hold the ever-elusive?creature in our grasp… What next? What happens after the chase is over?
Possibly the same thing that happened when Tom caught Jerry or?when the Coyote finally caught the road runner… Each of them felt an almost?euphoric sense of fulfillment like never before and then vastly empty only a?short while after.

Why the Emptiness? They felt a longing for the chase; they no longer had anything to?live passionately for. No more excitement, no more plans and strategies to? concoct. They were board and miserable. Sound Familiar?


When it all comes down to it Is it Sex, Dating, being in Relationships…courtship-falling in?Love, etc are all of these just components of an addictive hormone induced?adrenaline filled neurological thrill ride (gasp) that is designed to come to?an end at some point. Love is an amusement park of the mind. I guess both men?and woman are just neurological thrill junkies searching for that next hit?hoping for that high that never comes down. Puff... Puff… Pass.

Relax, it’s all apart of the natural order of things-so lets not be in denial and drive?ourselves crazy, shall we… I propose that we accept responsibility for our?basic human compulsion and realize that the surface level motive is entirely?unrealistic, and yet the only true motive is to enjoy the thrill of the chase.
“It’s all apart of the human experience.”