iPad Proposal And 6 More Nerdy Engagement Stories

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Technology's most adorable, nerdy engagement stories, including the iPad proposal.

Picture this: Two and a half years later, you and your man go back to the ice cream shop where you had your first date. He whips out his shiny new iPad and asks you to take a look. Behold! Technology's latest gift. At the end of a slideshow of pictures of the two of you together is a slide that says "Will You Marry Me?". Your heart is in your throat. You glance over at him and he is on one knee holding a ring and looking like he's on the verge of an asthma attack. You say yes, obviously. How Do I Talk About Marriage With My Man?

This is the very true story of how romantic geek Zack Iniguez proposed to his beloved. Yet, another adorable tale of nerd love.

In honor of this new-found use for the iPad, we've compiled a list of our favorite nerdalicious proposal stories for your heart-warming pleasure. Who doesn't love a geek in love? Nerds Take Their Love All The Way To Deep Space 9

1. Super Mario Prosposal.

Watch how this video-game-savvy nerd woos his fair maiden by hacking into her Super Mario game. 

2. iProposal

This clever iPhone user created a faux iPhone commercial to pop the question.

3. @Love

One twitter user condensed his love for his girlfriend in 140 characters or less.

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