9 Signs You're A Good Matchmaker


Matchmaking is equal parts fun and tricky. One the one hand, you'd think that the equation of two lonely people plus springtime would equal eternal bliss; on the other hand, when working with two people who have a slew of separate histories, tastes and intentions, you might as well be a puppet-master attempting to manipulate Chucky and his bride. 4 Ways To Improve Your Relationship Karma

If you follow these 9 steps when setting up friends, you just might be on track to become the next Patti Stanger! 5 Dating Tips From The Millionaire Matchmaker

1. Determine which of your friends are ready for serious dating or a relationship. Sure, the woman who just broke up with her boyfriend of three years is desperate to replace his companionship, but that doesn't mean you should set her up before she's even emptied a tissue box. In the same way, don't sick your womanizing male friend on female acquaintances who want and are ready for a long-term relationship. Instead, keep an eye out for friends who who are comfortable dating, who will take your choice seriously, and who won't be too devastated (or upset at you) if the matchmaking doesn't work out. 

2. Lock down the logistics. If you're going to set two people up, make sure they can realistically date each other. Do they live near each other? Do they work similar hours? Do they share the same religious beliefs? As tempted as you are to set up Andrew from DC with Sally who lives in LA, it might have to wait until one or the other moves cross-country.

3. Figure out whether your friends are open to being matched up. Some people hate being set up, so respect their wishes and hold back if they insist on being left alone. Still, if you're convinced that you've found the perfect match for that person, evaluate his or her reasons for not wanting to be set up and see if you can't (gently) urge them into it. If your guy friend is jaded after going on 10 blind dates in a row, offer to buy him a meal if the next one ends in disappointment. If your gal pal is going through a major career change and isn't looking to date at all right now, however, you might want to set your sights elsewhere. Do You Need A Matchmaker?

4. Work with their types—or not. If you know your friends at all, you'll have an idea of how compatible they actually are with their type. Don't be afraid to set up your blonde-loving male friend with your brunette co-worker; it may only take one to convert him! Keep in mind that types don't always match up with relationship compatibility. On the flip side, don't set up two people with completely different goals and interests as a half-baked science experiment.

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