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Romantic comedies from the 1990s were full of lessons. Here's what they taught us about love.

In case you never noticed, romantic comedies from the '90s are chock-full of love lessons. It was a decade of blissfully enlightening cinema. We don't really care if these flicks are considered predictable and cliché; if you watch closely, you'll see they are brimming with life-applicable wisdom. Find out what we're talking about. We break it down below.

Pretty Woman: This perennial favorite starring Julia Roberts as Hollywood Boulevard streetwalker Vivian Ward and Richard Gere as wealthy corporate raider Edward made us fall in love with the genre's unlikely knowledge. Yes, a comedy about a hooker and the businessman who hires her to be his escort can be relevant to your life. Crazy, isn't it?

Love lesson: When you meet the right person, you have to shift your priorities. Edward was totally consumed by work, but falling for Vivian was the spark he needed to change his ways. If you don't make room for the most important person in your life, then you will risk losing him. Solid advice, filmmakers. Thanks for reminding us! Make Love A Priority

Sleepless in Seattle: Meg Ryan's Annie might have seemed a little out of her mind for pining over Seattle-dwelling widower Sam. But who can blame her after that radio speech about he made telling us how he fell in love with his wife? "I knew it the very first time I touched her… It was like magic." Not only did that part make our hearts melt, but Sam so wisely reminded us about the spark.

Love lesson: Sometimes you can feel immediately that a person is right for you. It's like magnetism, gravity… a spark. If you're experiencing that in your life, then hold on tight. You might be on the verge of falling hard, and we mean that in the best way. The spark is for real, people.

Clueless: We adore Alicia Silverstone's Cher. She is pretty much the bubbliest, most fashion-conscious, good-intentioned movie heroine ever. But still, she kind of failed miserably as a matchmaker. However, her naiveté wasn't a total loss because she taught us a lot about the beginning of a relationship.  You absolutely cannot force a connection between two people. It is either there, or it isn't.

Love lesson: Continually throwing your good friends together hoping they will hit it off is not going to work. Just let it unfold naturally. Look to Cher for a what-not-to-do guide. Can The Millionaire Matchmaker Help Me Find Love?

My Best Friend's Wedding: This movie was like a girl's worst nightmare. Finding out you are madly in love with your best friend right before he is about to marry another girl? Not exactly ideal. But it did teach us to listen carefully to what our heart is trying to tell us. Maybe you have an amazing guy friend in your life right now, but haven't really considered that friendship becoming anything more. It could be time to look into it. Pretty soon he will introduce you to an outgoing Cameron Diaz-esque blond. He will be smitten, and you will saying, "Wait—that should be me!" Figure it out now.

Love lesson: Often times your best friend will make for the best partner. You just have to realize it. Are You More Than Just Friends?

Runaway Bride: Oh, how we loved this film about a woman who runs from the altar and all thoughts of commitment. Now, we think calling Julia Roberts' character of Maggie a "man-eater" was a little harsh, because she did bring to light the concept of cold feet as a very real phenomenon.  Sometimes the grandeur surrounding wedded-bliss can be a little overwhelming, and walking down the aisle can seem intimidating and final, but you just have to "keep your eye on the ball" and remember who is waiting for you at the end of said aisle. When Maggie got all her ducks in a row, she was able to finally tie the knot, and we were ecstatic about it!

Love lesson: It's OK to have cold feet.

While You Were Sleeping: Sandra Bullock's character, Lucy, was so endearing. I mean, what are the odds she would save the life of her longtime crush and his family would mistake her for his fiancée while he is in a coma? It was a fiasco, but we also learned how deeply bonds with our significant other's family can run. Not wanting to hurt or lose them cannot keep you in a relationship for the wrong reasons. You have to be honest with yourself, your partner and his family. Hopefully you can still stay in touch. Or maybe you will fall in love with your ex's dashing brother. We know it's far-fetched and unrealistic, but it worked for Lucy!

Love lesson: Don't underestimate the effects of family and friends on your relationship.


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