The Top 5 "Real Housewives" Relationship Blunders

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Can Real Housewives' Tamra and Simon teach us what relationship mistakes we shouldn't duplicate.

From money issues to controlling husbands, what we can learn from the relationship mistakes of The Real Housewives of Orange County? Sadly, a lot. Here are the top five worst relationship moments from last night’s show. Let's not do as they say, or as they do…

1. Lynne Can't Communicate Clearly

Yes, we admit her meds might have something to do with it. But after Lynne and her family were evicted from their snazzy beach house, Lynne decides that it's entirely her husband's fault for not paying off the down payment. We think it's pretty foolish for a woman to totally ignore her family's financials. Equally foolish is Lynne being unable to voice her anger or thoughts to her husband, or hold her position. He seems like a nice, if delusional, guy. But don't you think they're destined to repeat the same mistakes, after watching this clip?

2. Simon and Tamra Can't Communicate Honestly

Passive-aggressive, much? We already know Simon and Tamra are getting a divorce, so it's been an especially sad to watch their relationship from a few months back, as Tamra desperately tattoos Simon's name on her ring finger and Simon visibility struggles to keep the raging fires of his anger from erupting on-camera. (You just catch flashes of the hellfire in his squinty eyes.) In this episode, they go out to celebrate Tamra's forty-second birthday. They obviously have stopped (or never learned) how to communicate openly, honestly, and without trying to rip the other person into little, tiny, fake-tanned shreds.

3. Tamra Hopes Alcohol Will Cure What Ails Them

4. Simon's Stopped Kissing His Wife

5. If Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Says This… Run the Other Way!

So, hopefully, if we can communicate clearly and honestly, avoid easy (or alcoholic) fixes, keep the passion alive, and not attempt to control our partners as if they are blonde, easily programmable robots... we'll avoid the following:

Staying off reality TV shows should help, as well!