20% Of Men Don't Know The Date Of Valentine's Day


Most women we know either relish or dread February 14th. The anticipation starts once the new year turns over and January marches bravely into February. It is here we either find ourselves single (it might actually be better!) recently coupled (eek—what's appropriate?) or in a relationship (scouring menu pages or dreading the forced romance). 

While we're evaluating our love lives as February 14th approaches, what's the more rugged sex thinking? Does this date make men flinch or will V-Day, 2010 be just another sleepy Sunday? Romantic Comedies Warp Your Brain

According to our research, most men (some friends, others complete strangers) are very much aware Valentine's Day falls on February 14th—though a full 20 percent of our (admittedly small) sample did not know. And some even feel the pressure/malaise of us ladies. Here's the breakdown.

50—the number of men between the ages of 24 and 38 we polled.

21—the number of men in relationships. The rest were single; none were married.

80—the percentage of men who knew Valentine's Day falls on Feb. 14th right off the top of their head.

10—the percentage of men who said Valentine's Day either falls on Feb. 14th or Feb. 15th (all five said they always forget).

10—the percentage of men who had no idea other than "it's sometime in mid-February."

Here's what the men had to say:

"Uh, yeah. Everyone knows that. This is a silly question, Melissa. Somebody hasn't been in a relationship in a while." [Ed note: *glare.*] —Phil, 32, single

"I remember Valentine's Day from school. We always had to make those hearts and pick a Valentine." —Shariff, 30, single

"Oh, I'm always single on Valentine's Day and it depresses me. I'm a woman with a penis." —Mark, 32, single

"How could we not know Valentine's Day falls on Feb. 14th?! It's practically drilled into our heads everywhere we go after the Superbowl." —Cameron, 31, single 10 Football-Free Activities For Super Bowl Sunday

"Well, I'm in a relationship so that's probably how I know. There's a lot of pressure for the guy to pony up and do something special." —Erek, 26, in a relationship

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"Nope. I haven't the slightest. Feb. 17th, maybe? The 18th? I guess this shows how much I look forward to it." —Brian, 32, single