The Bachelor: Tears Within the First Hour? Really?

The Bachelor
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And not from just one of Jake's ladies, but two. This is the beginning of a wonderful season.

Jake the Pilot is ABC's latest Bachelor. You may remember Jake from last year's The Bachelorette. Jillian eliminated him about halfway through the show, and he showed up toward the end to tell her that one of the remaining guys wasn't being truthful about having a girlfriend at home.

So you could say that Jake was "memorable," but a few of Jake's ladies this season are already becoming memorable for their own antics.

Let's talk about Tenley. Oh, boy. She cried. Because she kissed Jake. She was upset that he didn't kiss her. Overly sensitive much? She received the first kiss and the first-impression rose. We predict she'll be the least-liked in the house. The 8 Bachelorette Castoffs We'd Most Like To Date

Then there's Michelle. She, too, cried. (She was actually the first to cry. Because she didn't get one-on-one time with Jake at that point.) But in more of a crazy-stalker-frightening sort of way. She felt the need to profess her love and preparedness for committing to Jake. Forever. She's serious. And considering she made it through to next round, we'll see lots of drama from her. We predict she'll be the most competitive-wacko in the house. We can't wait to see! 5 Ways Love Prevailed in 2009

But what we find even more strange (and this happens with almost all The Bachelor's first round rejects): the tears. It's like weeping after a first date doesn't call you back. Who does that? 4 Things Women Love To Hear On A First Date

Regardless, we'll take all of it. What better way to spend a Monday night?